Rainbow Unicorn Kit Travelers Notebook Planner Setup

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There are so many great planner systems out there that even I have a hard time staying with just one kind of planner. The most fun to decorate though is the travelers notebook. In this post I’ll be sharing the travelers notebook I created as a gift and it’s packed with tons of planner inspiration ideas!

Rainbow Unicorn Kit Travelers Notebook Planner Setup Planner Society

Soooo, this year my daughter turned 13 –YIKES! For her birthday party she chose the (currently) popular unicorn as her theme. This worked out great for me because I had (hoarded) the Planner Society July 2018 box kit -and it was unicorn themed. Since I had already made a travelers notebook for my niece and my daughter loved it, I decided to make one for my daughter too.

The Planner Society July 2018 Kit | Behind the Designs
The Planner Society July 2018 Kit

It was so much fun to work with this kit! But, before I could start creating I needed to find a travelers notebook cover that would work with this kit. Luckily, I found some faith travelers notebooks on clearance and picked up a perfect turquoise one for less than $2. Then I had the difficult task of deciding which papers to use as the covers to each book insert. Typically with each kit you get a vellum and/or acetate sheet and in this kit there were both. So many goodies are packed into these awesome kits!

Once I got to work though, everything came together perfectly. I think I used just about everything in the kit on this project –even the bag the kit came in. Although I did keep the pen (Shhhh!), mostly because I found a cute silver crystal pen that I thought went much better with one of the vellum papers. So let’s get to the design deets!

Unicorn Travelers Notebook Planner Front Pocket Stickers | Behind the Designs

Up first is the paper bag envelope that I created to hold extra stickers, money or whatever she likes. It’s sealed secure with some velcro and an adorable petite white bow. The pocket holding the envelope could also hold extra stickers and journaling cards.

Unicorn Travelers Notebook Planner Pen Loop | Behind the Designs

This was also the first time I ever created an elastic binder clip style pen holder for a planner and I was super happy with how that turned out. Technically, I had to create one because the multi-color pen I found was too big for a traditional pen holder. But with a little hot glue, viola!

Unicorn Travelers Notebook Planner See-Through Pocket Envelope | Behind the Designs

For a cute pocket idea, I used the plastic bag the diecuts came in to create a “window” for a pocket envelope to hold some words stickers. On the flap of this little envelope I used an adorable silver glitter bow sticker and each corner of the “window” has a faux blue crystal rhinestone.

My favorite page in this travelers notebook is this HELLO page. It’s so bright, fun and makes you yearn to go to the beach to create some more memories to document. My thinking with this travelers notebook was that my daughter could use it to journal and do a little memory keeping. So, for each insert I tried to create that introductory page that would inspire her.

Unicorn Travelers Notebook Planner Insert Hello Page | Behind the Designs

Another great planner idea was using clear adhesive pocket stickers to hold a small ruler. When I found these sticker pockets I had no clue what I’d do with them but bought some anyway. Now I’m glad I did because they are the perfect size for a small ruler or even as a pen holder. You can’t really see it in the photo but I used a small circle hole punch to cut out a half U-shape at the top so it was easier to get the ruler out.

Unicorn Travelers Notebook Planner Ruler Adhesive Pocket | Behind the Designs

One of my favorite things to create for planners are washi dashboards. This particular insert was brown kraft paper and I wanted to cover it with the unicorn washi tape that came in the kit. But, while creating the washi dashboard on the insert cover, I messed up a little; you barely notice and I made that the backside of the book insert. Luckily, these inserts are plain and I could easily flip it over! How appropriate is it that the diecut inspiration card I used was “Break the Rules”! And just look at that glitter washi tape! It reminded me of glittering sand at the beach on a hot sunny day.

Unicorn Travelers Notebook Planner Washi Tape Dashboard Diecut | Behind the Designs
I am OBSSESED with my decorative paper punch used on this diecut!

On the back inside cover of the travelers notebook it was plain. So I added an adorable yellow bow print adhesive pocket to hold some unicorn stickers. I love how the yellow pocket matches the yellow flower from the paper kit.

Unicorn Travelers Notebook Planner Bow Adhesive Scallop Pocket for Stickers | Behind the Designs

This travelers notebook top view includes a unicorn paperclip from the kit, a blue yarn pom clip, an ice cream paperclip and a sparkling silver netting paperclip puff that I created. A girls’ gotta have cute page markers, right?!

Unicorn Travelers Notebook Planner Top View Planner Paperclips | Behind the Designs

And hey –let’s get a close up of that handmade custom planner pouch! It picks up the turquoise planner color perfectly! Now this planner will be protected when in her purse or bookbag.

Unicorn Travelers Notebook Planner Pouch | Behind the Designs

Check out the completed Happy Planner Project Sheet on the BTD Planner Inspiration Instagram account!

I’m so happy with how it turned out and I love everything about the planner. Of course, my daughter will tell you the best part of her gift were the three pre-loaded store gift cards! But, I know she loves the planner because she uses it everyday. {wink}

What was your favorite part of this project? Is there a craft or technique you’d like more details on? Comment below –I’d love to hear from you!!

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