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Around this time of year we all start to think about all the things we are grateful for. But there is also a movement, at least in the planner world, to make it a practice of writing down daily (or at least regularly) gratitude. Some have even created whole gratitude journals exclusive to that topic; others will just write it into their day or on separate planner pages.

Regardless of you how wish to record your gratitude the frequency is up to you. I’ll admit I’m pretty bad at keeping up with it daily, weekly or even monthly. I hope I will get better with it in time. But until then, I do plant to practice daily gratitude during November which is why I created this November Thanksgiving themed planner page.

The Happy Planner paper was from an accessory pack and I covered the header that read “listers gotta list”. It has 28 lines that almost covers the entire month of November to write down what you are grateful for each day. You could even skip a day or two and still have enough room. Writing down what you are grateful for shouldn’t be a task, all you really need is a short statement or sentence, each day.

Should you be someone who likes to really dive into recording what you are grateful for, that is okay too. You could then use this creative planning page as a reminder to what you want to expand upon later on in your gratitude journal. The beauty of this paper is its versatility. With the right side being dot grid it leaves open so many options for creativity. You could wait to letter in the “thankful and blessed” quote and insert some photo memories, then fill in around those.

In hindsight, I wished I had lettered the “thankful and blessed” quote in reverse of how its shown. So “thankful” would be at the top along the edge and “blessed” would be at the bottom and closer to the list section. But it really doesn’t matter (how the page looks). What matters is recording my gratitude. The months of November and December are hectic holidays, filled with family memories, loss of family, my wedding anniversary, birthdays and more. This year, more than ever, I feel the need -the calling -to just jot down daily what I’m grateful for.

The Happy Planner filler paper shown in the photo above is not the exact paper I used for my gratitude journal page. But, it functions the same. It’s just a little lighter blue in color and the backside is a pink color (same layout). If you are interested in purchasing a small kit to create this page, you will find the supplies you need on the Gratitude Journal Page Supplies Bundle page of the BTD Shop. Or you can pick up supplies individually using the links below.

If you love creating pages for your planner, come join me over on the Creative Planning Expressions group for more inspiration for your creative planner pages. You can also share your planner and journal pages too.

Supplies Used

You can still pretty much get most of the supplies to create this planner page. If you decide to create this page for your gratitude journal and would like a sampling of the washi I used, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to send you a free sample.

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