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Halloween Travelers Notebook Setup Using Planner Society Kit

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There are a lot of people who love Halloween and then are just as many who don’t. I’m in the group that really doesn’t much like Halloween. My celebration of it usually consists of just eating the candy. But as a follower and fan of The Planner Society I was pleasantly surprised when a Halloween planner kit came out. This kit wasn’t scary looking or spooky at all -actually it was really cute!

Then I found this darling black and white buffalo check travelers notebook with a solid black scallop spine and, well, you could say it was kismet. I’ll preface my post with the fact that this was a Halloween planner kit from 2019. But, the great thing about this setup is it’s ready to go anytime I need it. I purchased the cover exclusively for the kit and each year I just change out my inserts.

It was so much fun creating this adorably “spooky” travelers notebook. To give you the full deets on this planner setup design I pulled out all of my inserts so they wouldn’t be distracting. This is a compact or 4-string travelers notebook and I’ve created dashboards for each, as well as, decorated the inside cover pockets. Although I used a Planner Society Halloween kit, I did sprinkle in some Halloween themed supplies from my local Michaels.

All supplies and where I purchased what is listed at the end of this post.

Planner Charms

Every good planner setup needs charms! For this setup I created my own charms by taking apart a pair of Halloween themed earrings I found at Joann Fabrics. One planner page charm has purple letters that read “Eek” with a black spider and the other is in orange and reads “boo” with a black cat charm. It was as easy as tying a knot at the end of the strand!

Planner Clips

Another hallmark of creative planner setups is using something as simple as planner paperclips. I already had the black felt bat paperclip and orange felt ball paperclip. But, one of my favorite planner shops for planner clips offered these creative takes on the fall pumpkin and I loved them both.

Pocket Decor

While pocket decor isn’t a requirement -it sure makes it fun and beckons you to open your planner! The Planner Society also offered at the same time the kit came out, a set of black and orange house notepads. I’m obsessed with this notepads! I took off a few pages and tucked them into the top pocket. Holding them in place is a black and white checkered bow that came wrapped around the set of notepads.

Also in the front pocket is a journal card from the kit, a piece of the kit paper and a shaker card that I created. This post won’t be going over the shaker card, but be sure to sign up to the newsletter to be alerted when that post is up. Or better still if you follow BTD on any social media channel, you’ll get notified as soon as it goes live.

Also in this picture is a glimpse at the planner tuck-in I created using pieces from the kit. This too will be detailed in a separate post in the coming weeks. So stay tuned for those posts (Pssst….see links below).

Elements Created For This Setup

First Dashboard

This is actually the first dashboard cover in this setup. Each of the dashboards I created were designed to wrap around a travelers notebook insert. That’s why this setup is so brilliant because all I have to do each year is pull out the travelers notebook and put in my new inserts.

On this first dashboard I started with that beautiful front door / front porch journal card from the kit. I loved that it had a black front door with pumpkins going up the steps. It just reminded me of a welcoming start to opening my planner up. I also added a buffalo check pumpkin diecut in the lower right corner.

This kit also came with shimmering scalloped page edgers and bow tabs. I used the small page edgers on each dashboard and it gives it just a little Halloween glam look. I cut one of the bow tabs in half and used one at the top of the journal card. Lastly, I added to the page both a “boo” and “spooky” black raised words that came in the kit.

Second Dashboard

On the left side is the back of the first dashboard. I added a black and white stripe ribbon down the middle; centered a journal card that reads “stop in for a spell” and added gems in each corner; last step was to add a small black fabric bow at the bottom.

For the second dashboard, I purposely flipped the paper to allow for the spider web to be in the upper right corner. While I am in no way shape or form a fan of spiders, I had found some black glitter spiders that I wanted to make it appear it was coming off the web. At the bottom are two house die cuts along with a barrel of pumpkins, black hunter boots and a few scattered black bats flying around.

Inside 2nd Dashboard

The flipside to that orange paper with a spider web was this black spider web / floral mesh paper print. I felt it paired perfectly with a light green laser cut scrapbook paper I had on hand and I just covered a little bit of the inside with the green paper; added a few puffy stickers and it was done.

Third Dashboard

The backside of the second dashboard showcases a strip of that same ribbon; a journal card of pumpkins on a rug, to which I added some scattered glitter gems; and then finished it with a small fabric orange bow.

My favorite paper in this Halloween kit was the black cat print (three years later I still have one sheet of it left….that you could say I’m hording). I placed a transparent orange scallop sticky pocket on this dashboard to hold extra die cuts and journal cards for on-the-go. But I also couldn’t resist adding onto the pocket a black puffy pumpkin sticker (must have allll the pumpkins!).

Inside 3rd Dashboard

To the inside page, I used double sided sticky tape and added a single sheet of the large house notepad; mostly because I loved the black cat in the lower corner. I felt this space could be used to add post-it notes to it as kind of a clip board of reminders or any note or reminder I wanted to leave myself.

Running down the side of this notepaper is a puffy sticker that reads “spooktacular” and in the lower left corner I added a rug, with pumpkins and a sign that reads “fright this way” die cut.

Fourth Dashboard

On the backside of the third dashboard I kept with the black and white theme of the cat paper and glued down a striped ribbon. Over that is a multi-colored pumpkin journaling card that I finished it off with a small black fabric bow.

For the cover of the fourth and last dashboard I wanted to carry over the “home” theme from the first dashboard. I chose a journal card with a black bench on it in what looks like a cozy corner to sit in the home. Just above the bench, on the shiplap walls, is a banner and Happy Halloween sign. I glued the journal card to a square of black scrapbook paper that was hole punched with a decorative circles border. In the bottom corner of this is another lovely die cut from the kit with pumpkins and plaid blanket in a metal bucket.

Inside 4th Dashboard

While this scary pumpkin head 3D sticker figure wasn’t part of the Planner Society Halloween Kit, I couldn’t resist using it somewhere in my setup. I love that it has movable arms and legs, kind of like those old school paper dolls. The figure has a faux beard, witchy boots and broom and is accompanied by a hissing black cat.

Backside of 4th Insert

In keeping with the rest of the theme in this setup I added a striped ribbon down the length of the dashboard; a journal card that reminds me of planning your outfit for Halloween day; some gems in each corner and a small orange fabric bow. You can’t see it in this picture, but the top of this page holds three puffy star stickers.

The final element to my setup is my sparkling orange Pengem pen or I could use my black sparkling Pengem -either one I choose I’ve got a beautiful pen to write things down with.

Although this Planner Society Halloween planner kit is no longer available, the digitals to the kit are still available on their Etsy store.

Supplies Used

  • Pengems Crystal Pen
  • Planner Society Halloween 2019 Kit & Diecuts
  • Planner Society House Large Notepad -Black & Orange
  • Buffalo Check Travelers Notebook with Scallop Edge from Doodlebug Designs
  • Halloween Theme Craft Supplies from Michaels
  • Boo and Eek Earrings from Joann
  • Orange Pumpkin & Light Green Pumpkin Paperclip from Mahalmade
  • Black Bat Paperclip from Created by Danielle
  • Orange Felt Ball Paperclip

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