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Pet Lovers Travelers Notebook Setup

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Are you a pet lover? I am and always will be. The earliest memory I have of a pet was our family cat, Snowball. I’m proud to call myself a pet parent and can’t imagine life without them. This is exactly how my dear friend feels about her two small rescue dogs. That’s how I came up with this idea to setup a pet lovers travelers notebook for her.

Luckily, I had been collecting her annual Christmas cards for a few years (which featured her two dogs) and those pictures are what I used throughout the dog book insert. She has two small rescue dogs that she just loves and adores. One is Henry and the other is Millie. Her dogs were the inspiration for this setup.

To get started with any planner setup I will typically use a theme. You can see that in the Celebrate Life Butterfly Travelers Notebook Planner Setup and the Rainbow Unicorn Travelers Notebook Planner Setup. To me, it’s very satisfying to setup a travelers notebook. There are anywhere from 2-4 or even 6 small booklet inserts and you can mix and match your inserts at any time.

Thinking of setting up a travelers notebook for your pet(s) memory keeping? In this post, I outline all the inspiration you need to get started.

Did you know? There are over 63 million dog households in the United States.

01. Dog Insert

I only prepared a few pages for her as a starting point to her memory keeping. The cover page of the dog book insert showcased images from a past Christmas card and torn brown paper that I hand lettered each dogs name on. I put these elements on top of a black and white bone print scrapbook paper that I had glued down.

This was a single strand travelers notebook that included one book for her dogs and one book for her cats. To accommodate both kraft paper book inserts I simply used a jump band.

The left page has a clear sticker pocket attached to it that holds pet themed stickers and a washi card. The right page showcases some of my hand-lettering that reads, “All about Henry and Millie”.

Memory Keeping Spread #1

These pictures were from their 2020 Christmas card. I simply cut out the pictures and put Henry’s photo on top of some black and white buffalo check scrapbook paper. Millie’s photo went on top of some brown kraft paper with faint white polka dots. Isn’t she just adorable?!

Henry is a very well-mannered, distinguished male dog. While Millie is a very petite, adorable little snuggle bug girl. I really tried to capture their personalities on each page I created. These two pages are my favorite!

Memory Keeping Spread #2

This page was left blank for my friend to fill in with memories. I had this red fire hydrant sticker in my stash and just had to use it. It paired perfectly with the pet themed Christmas scrapbook paper. I lightly tore the paper down to just the wording and paws that go around the border.

The inspiration for this page was my own dog, Lucy. She is perfect, adorable, well-mannered and a bit naughty at times, too. Which is why I just had to use this paper that reads “Dear Santa, Please Define Naughty”.

Memory Keeping Spread #3

The next page showcases some torn brown houndstooth scrapbook paper as a border. I lettered “love” in the center using a heart shape for the “o” letter. I balanced the paper edges with some dog and heart stickers and this page was complete.

Memory Keeping Spread #4

All I added to this page was a simple Happy Planner Sticker in the upper corner that reads, “Love is a four-legged word”. I would agree with that! In the center is one of their past Christmas cards that had a border of beautiful holographic snowflakes with Henry and Millie’s pictures in the middle.

02. Cat Insert

The 2nd book in this pet lovers travelers notebook is for my friends’ two pretty kitties named Belle and Ella. They are a rescued sibling pair with beautiful tortoise coats.

Just like the dog insert book I covered the kraft insert with some cat themed scrapbook paper. For the pictures I actually used two that I printed on my Canon Ivy and used the same torn brown kraft paper to letter their names on. I just love my Canon Ivy!

Similar to the dog book insert I stuck down a clear pocket and tucked in a washi card and some cat related journaling cards. I love the inside cover page that reads “Cats starring Belle and Ella”. These stickers and washi came from the Elle Oh Elle collection that was sold at Hobby Lobby some years back (it is no longer available).

You may have seen in the stores those outdoor rugs that read “Wipe Your Paws”. That rug is what inspired this page. I wanted to create a red door with a rug that I hand-lettered the quote on. I added a few paw stickers on either side and it was purrfect.

On the opposite page I adhered two stamped and hand-cut die cuts in the shape of a girl with glasses and a cat. The sticker at the top reads, “a good friend changes everything”.

03. Accessories

Every good planner or travelers notebook needs some accessories to really pull it together. That said, see the list below for what was included in this setup.

Supplies Used

If you are inspired to create a pet themed travelers notebook don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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