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My Home Office Blush Pink Flocked Christmas Tree

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My home office / craft room has undergone so many revisions and updates over the years that I lost count. It’s also moved in and out of at least two other rooms in the house. Now I have my eye on an even larger downstairs room; but, shhhhh, don’t tell me husband because that means he would have to help move me downstairs. I’ve always wanted a Christmas tree in my craft room so last year I finally took the dive and I couldn’t be happier!

The funny thing is I’m not particularly pink-color loving girl. The color just seems to follow me in my creative and blogging journey. So that’s where I started when looking for the perfect tree and Christmas tree decorations.

Setting Up My Blush Pink Flocked Christmas Tree | Behind the Designs -Create A Beautiful Life

While shopping at Michaels on day this flocked Christmas tree caught my eye. Sadly, one of these trees is not the best choice when you have cats in the house. But, it would work in another room of the house (take a guess!). Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Christmas time. From the beginning of November straight through to mid-January. There’s just something extra special and magical in the air during this time.

Choosing A Christmas Tree Theme

Initially I was looking to setup a full-on Kate Spade inspired Christmas tree. Although her signature colors of black, white, vibrant pinks and red just weren’t working with my vision. In the end, my own blush pink and gold office ended up being the true inspiration for my very own girly-loving dream tree. I’ve got a lot of pink office decor, so I toned down the softer blush pink with some cream, gold, black, silver and, black and white ornaments. It was the perfect combo for me!

I haven’t found the perfect topper yet so I just used a gold sparkly ribbon bow I already on hand in my craft stash. I also couldn’t find the tree skirt I wanted so I improvised with a soft cream-colored velvety throw blanket that I billowed around the base of the tree.

Sparkling Blush Pink Flower in Flocked Christmas Tree | Behind the Designs -Create A Beautiful Life

Choosing The Perfect Ornaments

All, but a few, decorations were from Michaels including the mesh ribbon. I had no clue how the tree was going to come together so I picked up whatever ornament or decoration fit my theme and spoke to me at the time. We all know too how Christmas trees are never perfect and will always have some gaps between the branches. So to fix that problem, I also grabbed some sparkling pink fabric flowers and soft winter white roses to use as fillers.

The sparkling pink flowers are a good 6″ in diameter so they cover a lot of space. I also love the Victorian romance vibe these flowers gave when I filled in those gaps on my Christmas tree.

White Snowy Owl Ornament in Flocked Christmas Tree | Behind the Designs -Create A Beautiful Life

This adorable little snowy owl ornament was gently placed into the branches of the tree, as if he was sitting in his nest. If you ask me he looks pretty cozy sitting ever so softly on the tree branches. Isn’t he the cutest?! He wanted to remain ‘unseen’ so he’s a little out of focus. But, I just love him. I think I shall name him Mr. Hoots.

Penguin Ornament in Pink on Flocked Christmas Tree | Behind the Designs -Create a Beautiful Life

I hadn’t realized there were as many animal ornaments on the tree until I wrote this post. But, come one, this penguin ornament wrapped in a pink hat and scarf is adorable! I also have a butterfly, dragonfly, reindeer and more that I just didn’t get pictured. Oh and don’t forget the cute little dog under the tree guarding all the presents!

Ornaments Celebrating A Winter Wedding and Anniversary

I couldn’t resist picking up this adorable snow couple because we were married three days before Christmas in a winter wedding. Our main family tree also has numerous wedding snow couple ornaments on it. Now that I think about it, this winter bride and groom ornament reminds me of the Handmade DIY Snowman Stamped Christmas Cards I did in 2016. I must remember to try and find a winter bride and groom rubber stamp to make cards with next year.

Bride and Groom Married Snow Couple in Flocked Christmas Tree | Behind the Designs -Create a Beautiful Life

Using Mesh Ribbon In Place Of Tinsel or Garland

When it came down to the final touches, such as the tinsel or garland, neither of those seemed to fit the look of my tree. But then I found this amazing mesh tinsel ribbon. It was stretchy and easy to work with. It was then a light bulb went off in my head and I decided to use it as garland.

I cut the ribbon into sections and wove it in and out of the branches as if it went on for miles. When I needed to fill in some spaces, I simply stretched it apart to widen the area it was going to cover. Who ever was the brain child of this mesh ribbon is brilliant!

I’m sure over time I’ll add more little touches to the tree decorations. One thing I want to get more of are the pretty boxes under the tree. They may not necessarily have anything in them, but, they add a pretty finishing touch to the overall setup.

Flocked Christmas Tree Tip

There are so many Christmas trees to choose from and flocked trees are absolutely gorgeous. But, my tip to you is if you decide to purchase a flocked tree, open the box up outside. When you take the tree out of the box, especially for the first time, it’s going to get the powder (which makes up the “flock”) EVERYWHERE. I learned this the hard way. It was all over my office and on me! I mean it was everywhere.

Enjoy Your Christmas Tree

I don’t have a lot of room in my home office, but, I made this work because I wanted a little bit of that Christmas magic happening in my office. Now, when I work or craft and I’m listening to Christmas music, I can look up and see my beautiful Christmas tree!

I loved being in my office before, but, now I really love being in my office! This tree is a true representation of ‘me’ and my girly personality. My blush pink flocked Christmas tree incorporates all the pretty things I love and it’s a tree just for me. Now, it’s time to get working on some new Christmas cards to get mailed out!

Setting Up My Blush Pink Flocked Christmas Tree | Behind the Designs -Create A Beautiful Life

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