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Fall Tiered Tray Decor in Farmhouse Sunflowers

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One of the easiest ways to add a touch of fall decor to your home is with a tiered tray. The hard part is choosing the pretty decor to go in it! There are two tier, three tier and even four tiered trays out there. Tiered trays are most commonly known as serving trays and they do work really well for serving up small food and appetizers such as cupcakes, cookies and petit fours.

To create my fall display I chose a farmhouse style three-tiered galvanized tray with a wood handle from Hobby Lobby. It was quite easy pulling together my tiered tray theme because seasonal fall decor was already out in the stores. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun changing this tray out each season.

With a tiered tray, you have to create a 360 degree view -unless you intend to place it against a wall. One trick I use is to set it on a lazy susan and turn it as I’m placing the decor. It’s almost like decorating a cake! This was also my first fall tiered tray and I didn’t want to overly crowd everything so I did leave some empty space on each level. But it would also be fun to go gather some acorns from outside and use them as extra filler!

As I said, there are many different tiered trays out there both in the number of trays and material (wood, metal, wood and metal, glass, etc.). I chose the galvanized metal because I use mine as a table centerpiece and we have a dark wood table top. There is also a small stool from Michaels in our dining room that is also galvanized metal so it pairs perfectly. My tiered tray is 17″ high, bottom tray is 11″ in diameter, the middle is 8″ and the top is 6-1/2″ in diameter.

Let me show you a detailed look at each of the three tiers, top to bottom.

The top tray diameter is pretty small at just 6-1/2″ but I was able to find a cute little wood sign that reads “welcome autumn” which is the centerpiece of this tray. Also paired on this level is a faux autumnal sunflower, a scarecrow dumpling, small pinecone, small ear of autumn corn and a wood pumpkin.

The middle is where most of your eye is drawn to simply because it is at eye level (when sitting at the table). On this tray I placed a small wood sign that reads “fall in love”, two faux sunflowers (one is larger than the other), scarecrow dumpling, pine cones, ear of autumn corn and a small glass pumpkin (that I already had).

The bottom tray showcases a wood sign that reads “give thanks”, two sunflowers (one is larger than the other), a small squirrel figurine, pine cones, ear of autumn corn, a velvet pumpkin, an autumn bird figurine sitting on a sunflower, an acorn made from natural materials and some extra small pumpkins and gourds that I had on hand.

Decorating a tiered tray is quick, easy and a lot of fun too. Plus I get to add seasonal decor that won’t break the bank and it doesn’t take a lot of decor to fill one in. To me that makes this a #1 home decor tool for adding seasonal vibes to my home.

My Tiered Tray Wishlist

To help you get started designing your own, you’ll find my 5 simple tips for setting up a tiered tray below.

5 Simple Steps to Create a Fall Tiered Tray

  1. Select a tiered tray that you love and fits your home decor style. Consider the following: material, shape, color/tone and the tray edges. I much prefer that my trays have edges because that keeps everything secure.
  2. Pick a seasonal theme (or party theme) and get your pieces together.
  3. Choose your anchor pieces or those pieces that will be consistent throughout all the tiers (for this setup it was the sunflowers).
  4. Add your seasonal decor.
  5. Add filler, if needed.

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