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Fall Decor Ideas for Your Front Porch and Steps

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Today I woke up and there wasn’t the expected bright summer sunshine beaming through the windows that I have come to love this summer. When I got into my craft office I actually had to turn the light on! Did I miss something or are the days shifting slowly into autumn? I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind if it did. I love fall (and that’s an understatement). Yes, I am one of those it’s “fall ya’ll” and “everything pumpkin spice” kinda person. The morning had me feeling nostalgic for all the warm, cozy, colors of the season, pumpkin picking, and thoughts about decorating for autumn.

While I haven’t actually started any fall decorating, the first place I typically start with is the front porch. To start making my wish list of autumn items I decided to take a trip down memory lane and look through my past front porch decor for ideas. Each year I do something a little different but some elements have always remained, like the dried cornstalks, pumpkins on the stairs and a leaf garland for around the front door.

One of the benefits of a natural pressure-treated wood porch is letting it age by the changing of the seasons. All that chippy wood gives off the traditional style Farmhouse feels. An aged wood porch isn’t for everyone, but right now for me, it’s love. If you’ve been following my home tour, you’ll know that we did paint our porch floor green (terrible mistake!), some years back and we are now trying to get it back to its natural state.

Although you can’t see it very well (it wasn’t the greatest time of day to take pictures) the autumn door wreath is the same wreath I’ve had from Home Interiors since before I met my husband. It’s over 23 years old or more, but I still love that wreath. Just last year I made a mental note that it was beginning to very much show its age and is starting to lose some of it parts. It just might be time to replace it. I’m feeling a DIY craft coming on!

The picture above is our butterfly garden and pathway (2012) dressed up in Autumn-colored mums which are picked up again on the other side of the porch stairs. We purposely created the same curved shape, as the pathway, on the foundation garden for the front porch. This whole looks just fills me with joy for the autumn season! From the pumpkins on the stairs, to the cornstalks on either side of the porch stairs to the pathway mums -love, love, LOVE!

The picture above, and all following after, are fall porch decor from 2016. Somewhere along the way I lost some of my yearly fall porchscape photos. Which is sad because I love to look back on my porch decor to pull inspiration from. But, we shall move forward.

For some reason in 2016 I didn’t get real fall florals or mums and chose faux bunches instead. I still like this wicker basket filled with fall florals in shades of autumn orange colors. I then nestled the full basket into a vintage wrought iron hoop firewood holder we had received from my husbands grandfather.

Also a staple (until this year) was Tom the Turkey figurine. We were cleaning out the garage and sadly he was broken. I’ll miss him this year.

You’ll also notice in the background that our spirea bushes are spilling over onto the pathway. I talked about how frustrating this is in Planting a Good Foundation Garden for Curb Appeal.

Now we get to the ‘illuminated’ portion of the porch. I purposely took these photos in the early evening so I could turn the lights on for the garland. They are actually pretty bright, enough so that we don’t need our side lights on. Both this refinished chair and the welcome wood sign were first shown in Summer Front Porch Updates Before and After post. I tweaked the chair by adding some fall leaves printed burlap ribbon edging and the welcome wood sign got a makeover by winding a small fall leaf garland strand down the length of the sign.

Again, went with some faux autumn mums in a green basket and added a black crow to the back of the chair. I do love how it all came out and the perfect thing about having the chair there is any delivered packages are put on the chair. Sure makes it easier to reach them.

Here’s the full view of the porch corner. It looks so warm and inviting. You can’t see it too well but the door wreath is actually a fox shaped wreath. Picked that up at Pier1 and then I found a similar fox decor figurine which I added on the hay bales (shown below).

It’s kind of funny because my husband hates hanging the leaf garland. I’m not quite sure why but he’ll be disappointed to know it’s going up this fall too. I usually do traditional fall colors in my decor for the season, but I don’t know, I’m feeling something different this year. Guess it looks like I’ll be doing some fall decor shopping this weekend -Michaels here I come!

On the opposite side are all my little fall critters. I’ve got some lighted grapevine pumpkins, a stack of pumpkins in a wire cone, a regular size hay bale that has Tom the Turkey’s matching pumpkins, fox figurine and grapevine pumpkin with ribbon and leaves. To finish the hay bale off I stuck in an aged white pumpkin on a wood stake that reads in gold glitter “autumn”.

Directly in front of the hay are two scarecrow topped faux pumpkins. These fall scarecrows are really cute because their legs are made with wood beads and will sway with the breeze. Of course having them topped with autumn sunflowers and leaves was the perfect touch to finish them off. While I didn’t make any of these decorations, if I recall correctly, they were all from Michaels (my fav store!).

As I look back at these past outdoor spaces photos, I’m so happy that we changed the color of the shutters and door color from green to black. I don’t know about you but I plan to enjoy all that the autumn season has to offer this year, as well as my outdoor fall space.

What’s your favorite thing about the fall season? What do you love most during this time of year? Do you like the traditional colors of the season -or do you prefer modern autumn colors?

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