My Daily Clinique Skincare and Makeup Favorites

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Today I want to talk about self-care. One way I practice self-care is through taking care of my skin and enjoying the beauty of makeup. My skincare is even more important because I suffer from Rosacea. So I’ll be sharing my daily routine and my Clinique favorites.

On any given day I share all the things that help me Create a Beautiful Life. Another of those ways is through self-care and by that I mean skincare and makeup. I’ve been an avid user of Clinique skincare and makeup for more years than I can count and; I enthusiastically support their Redness Solutions Collection. For me, it’s been a lifesaver!!

Before I share my routine and Clinique favorites, let me just say this now…taking care of yourself is not selfish! As women we tend to worry about and take care of everyone and everything around us and often forget to take care of ourselves.

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So today I challenge you to change that cycle and start taking care of yourself first! The best place to start is to create a skincare routine. You’ll find below a list of my favorite Clinique products…that I actually use!

My Full Clinique Collection

I have always loved makeup since as early as 14-15 years old. Over the years I would get comments about how great my skin looked and many were surprised to learn I wasn’t wearing much makeup at all. In my 20’s I was even a consultant for a popular makeup brand (think PINK!).

Make this the year you dedicate more time to your Skincare Routine and needs!

About once a decade or so I’d find that I needed to update my makeup and skincare routine to complement my changing skin. But it wasn’t until my rosacea started that I found immense difficulty in finding something that didn’t make my skin feel like it was burning. At one point my rosacea was so bad I had to stop ALL makeup and skincare for a week…that was painful! Then I had to start a dermatologist recommended plan to get my skin back to “normal”.

Although I do have rosacea and use Clinique products to manage my flares, I only use a few products from the Clinique Redness Solutions Collection. I tried different product combinations to find which ones worked the best for me and now I’ve got my rosacea under control.

Whether you suffer from rosacea or not, it is my hope that you will find something in this post that will be helpful to you and your skincare routine.

My Daily Skincare Routine

When I first started using Clinique in my early 20s, I did the 3-step skincare routine (1. wash; 2. clarify and; 3. moisturize). I also used face serums, exfoliators and masks.

But since my rosacea reared its’ ugly head I no longer use clarifiers, serums, exfoliators or masks. So that keeps my daily skincare routine pretty simple! I wash and protect my skin twice a day.

What I Use Now

My evening routine is always about taking my makeup off before bed…no matter how tired I am. It just feels so much better to climb into bed for the night with a clean face. Plus you’re doing your pores and skin a favor!

My 5-Minute Face

I am someone who loves sleep (which I never seem to get enough of!). As a result, since my teens I’ve had to perfect a makeup routine that took literally no more than 5 minutes. Plus I do not like a heavy-makeup feel which is another plus to using Clinique products!

With a clean face it’s just a matter of, as they say, “putting on my face”. I do follow the same steps every day and it truly does work. It’s a “no makeup” sort of style and I’ve listed my steps below.

5-Minute Face Application Steps

  1. Clinique All About Eyes
  2. Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream
  3. Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer (Moderately Fair)
  4. Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup (Alabaster)
  5. Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder (01 Stay Buff)
  6. Clinique Quickliner (Smoky Brown)
  7. Clinique High Impact Mascara (Black)

These 7 simple steps give me a natural makeup look that is perfect for daytime. Of course, come nighttime or special events I like to add just a little more to my routine. I have the option to just add to my current workday makeup base or start fresh using a heavier hand with the makeup.

Addressing Special Skincare Needs

Unfortunately having rosacea has limited the products that I can use on my face. Products that contain buzz-words such as Vitamin C, minerals, anything that has an exfoliation feature and even some anti-aging products are all things I need to stay away from. But I still have some amazing options because of Clinique!

My Special Skincare Choices

We should all be using sunscreen formulated for the delicate skin on the face. If you have rosacea you absolutely need to be using sunscreen (or you pay the price later!).

I’ve also read some people with rosacea can use mineral makeup without any problems. For me, I’ve tried a few and my skin flared so I just tend to stay away from them now. You have to find what works for you and your skin.

Makeup Extras

Of course when I do have extra time to get ready I like to pull in other makeup tools to give me a richer evening look.

Caring For My Makeup Brushes

I always put on my makeup using a variety of Clinique Makeup Brushes. Their brushes are super soft and feel wonderful against my rosacea skin! Typically I try to wash my brushes every few days. But sometimes my schedule is just too tight and I don’t get to them until the weekend (so once per week).

Getting into the good habit of cleaning my brushes was a no-brainer for me. Having rosacea makes my skin more sensitive to bacteria which makes cleaning my brushes super important.

My Clinique Makeup Brush Collection

*Clinique does have a Makeup Brush Cleanser. But I prefer to use their Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser because it works amazing for eliminating that face oil that gets trapped in your brush.

My #1 Fav Clinique Product

If I had to choose just one Clinique product…it would definitely be the Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream! It has a wonderful, light almost cucumber smell and it instantly calms flared rosacea skin!

Shop The Clinique Store on Amazon

So as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and that is exactly the case with my skincare routine. I’ve found what works and I plan to stick to it!

Are you struggling with rosacea? Be sure to check out the National Rosacea Society for lots of information on your unique skincare condition.

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