How To Use Pantone Color Palettes In Jewelry Designs

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Whether you follow fashion or just love to design jewelry using the Pantone color palettes, you’ll find an abundance of information in this post to create your own colorful jewelry designs.

To showcase how to incorporate Pantone colors I’ll be sharing two exclusive jewelry pieces from Crystal Allure. Each piece highlights colors that can be found in the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2011.

Depending on the style of jewelry you prefer, there are a number of what to easily incorporate Pantone fashion colors into your designs. My number one way to do this is to use the beautiful range of colorful Swarovski Elements Crystals available. But be forewarned, you will end up loving Swarovski crystal beads!

Let’s start by taking a look at this Renew Hand Stamped Crystal Acorn Charm Autumn Necklace by Crystal Allure. In this design the coffee liqueur color (pantone 18-0930) was replaced with Swarovski Elements Crystals in smoked topaz. The cedar color (pantone 16-052G) was replaced with Swarovski Elements Crystals in olivine. All it takes is a touch of each color and paired with Swarovski Elements Crystals in topaz, it’s the perfect fall necklace accessory.

The next accessory we’ll take a look at is also my favorite. It too incorporates two of the colors in the first piece but also adds in a third color for dimension.

I’d love to hear which 2011 Pantone Fall Fashion colors are your favorite(s)? Share with me in a comment below.

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  1. Almost makes me look forward to the end of summer! Nice start.

    The trend of "pick-an-era-any-era" fashion seems to be hanging in there. It is nice to see some non-autumn colors showing up in, well, autumn!

    Looking forward to more of Behind the Designs!


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