Our Beautiful Representation of Family

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It’s been quite busy Behind the Designs but I wanted to share with you a short heart-warming (true) story. Back in July my (then) niece had picked three daisies. As we placed them in water, she says to me (as she points to each flower), “this flower is you, this flower is Uncle Robert and this flower is me.” I told her that was beautiful and as she smiled she said, “this represents our family”. I couldn’t help but hug her cuteness!

Fast forward three months. Yesterday, ironically, my father-in-law brings my niece three flowers. He did not know the story of the daisies.

As he gives each one to her, he tells her, “this flower is you, this flower is Aunt Stephanie, this flower is Uncle Robert”; “this is your family.” I stood there a little shock but it was so thoughtful and heartwarming of him to do that.

Sometimes you just can’t explain things. As my mother always said, “everything happens for a reason”

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