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Easy Christmas Tablescape Ideas

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In this post I’ll be sharing with you three years worth of beautiful Christmas tablescape ideas using the same tablecloth, dinnerware and plate chargers. Each tablescape reflects the joy and merriment of the traditional Christmas colors of red, green and white.

We are less than a week away from all of our Christmas festivities and I wanted to share with you three easy, stress-free ways to setup your Christmas dinner tablescape. I’ve always loved entertaining and setting up a beautiful table just adds to the festive atmosphere. In this post I’m going to share with you how I created a beautiful Christmas table setup using different centerpieces but the same tablecloth, dinnerware/drinkware and plate chargers.

Whether you are for or against a formal dinner table setup, you have to admit there’s just something about seeing a beautiful Christmas tablescape that takes your breath away. That vision only enhances the mood of the season and amps up the excitement of the holiday and all the festivities that will follow.

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It never fails that with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I always forget to either iron the tablecloth or run it through the dryer with a damp cloth to get the wrinkles out. But that doesn’t dampen the holiday spirit! I’ve also always had little helpers too. The elves children always look forward to and love setting up the table!

My Spode Christmas tree dinnerware was purchased many moons ago when Target was selling them. They are still offered today but the design has slightly changed; still very beautiful but the updated design gives more of a modern Christmas tablescape feel.

I’ve been doing Christmas entertaining since we first bought our house 20+ years ago. Sadly, I just never thought to get pictures of my tablscapes until nearly 2014!

01. Products Used

02. The Simple Christmas Tablescape

While I call this the simple Christmas tablescape it could really be a DIY Christmas tablescape too. Both my daughter and mother contributed handmade crafts to this tablescape and holiday decor.

While I loved our gold walls it wasn’t until the holidays that I realized they really didn’t go with all of our celebrations. As a result, we’ve since painted our dining room!

Every year near Christmas I get the urge to change my holiday tablescape but quite frankly, I really love our Spode Christmas Tree dinnerware. We were married just three days before Christmas and our holiday dinnerware was one of our first purchases after being married. So these dishes have sentimental value to me. As do the decorations both on the table and in the background.

Included on the Spode Christmas dinnerware table is my daughters’ 3-D crayola crayon paper Santa. In the background are the Mr. and Mrs. Claus, yarn and plastic canvas creations handmade by my mother.

This easy Christmas centerpiece features a glass domed black tray with various shiny and matte red bulbs. On one side is a red Santa sleigh with some wrapped gift boxes in it, the other side shows a ceramic Santa mug with candy canes in it and a 3-D papercraft Santa.

03. The Sleigh Bells Ringing Christmas Tablescape

This Christmas dinner tablescape was my favorite! I designed it using snowflake glittered reindeer statues, a sleigh, a sugared cranberry garland and extra Christmas tablecloth.

To tie it all together I created the reins for the reindeer by stringing gold jingle bells onto a thin faux leather strand and then tied that to red berry twig wreaths. I actually borrowed the country twig wreaths from other decorations in the house and they worked perfectly!

This Christmas tablescape used the same green tablecloth, red plate chargers and Spode Christmas tree dinnerware that I had used the previous year; along with the red wine glasses. Since this centerpiece design was more neutral in color I added under it, as a table runner, another Christmas tablecloth I had on hand.

04. The Winter Wonderland Tablescape

The year of this Christmas tablescape was a tough one and I just wanted to simplify my holiday work. To do that, I again used the same green tablecloth, Spode Christmas tree dinnerware, red wine glasses and plate chargers.

I did get lucky and found this beautiful table runner in what looked like almost the same pattern as my Spode dinnerware. It wasn’t made by Spode but it almost matched perfectly!

The table runner was also to help contain the glitter from the centerpiece. I love the holidays and sparkly things but sometimes all that glitter can be too much! I also reused one of the sugared cranberry garlands to give it a pop of red.

If I hadn’t added in the green glitter trees this might have been called the “white Christmas tablescape”. It was the reindeer and tree that inspired the idea because when I saw them, it almost felt like I was wandering through a snow filled winter wonderland.

It was easy, simple yet still very festive!

If you are inspired to share your Christmas tablescape using Spode dinnerware don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see it!

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