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Cricut Christmas Gift Idea for the Wine Lover

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Looking for an easy budget-friendly Christmas gift idea for the wine lover? Well grab a bottle of wine, your Cricut machine, some red and green Cricut Permanent Vinyl and let’s create these wine-themed stemless glasses!

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about holiday gifts. I love creating handmade Christmas gifts with my Cricut and last year was no different. I find creating my own gifts much easier than shopping for hours just to find a gift for that tough-to-buy-for-friend, coworker (insert relationship). Plus I get the added benefit of having fun while “shopping” (i.e., making gifts)!

Last year I found myself needing four gifts for my best friends. Luckily, they were all wine-lovers! I’m always a fan of creating something personal and I just loved this “Drink up Grinches” quote.

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Today I want to share with you how I created these fun Christmas gift wine-theme stemless glasses for my friends. Since we all love wine this was an easy decision to make these! I used dollar store wine glasses with Cricut Permanent Glossy Premium Vinyl in Kelly Green and Tomato Red.

I used the permanent vinyl because it will withstand being hand-washed and handled.

Looking back I wished I had thought about making coordinating wine bottle bags and even wine bottle gift tags. But there’s always another day to do that -right?! So many ideas, so little time!!

01. Supplies for Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

02. How to Make a Wine Glass

02.1 Setup Your Cricut Design Space Project

I have already created the Design Space images for you, which you can access through the supply list link above. The file I provided was the size I used, or you can bring it onto your canvas and edit the colors and/or size to your needs.

The design file includes not only the font but also a Santa hat. When you edit the file you can choose if you want to include the hat or not. The wine glasses I created do not have the Santa hat (but I wished they did!).

02.2 Cut & Weed Your Materials

Since this is a rub-on vinyl project, place your material on the mat, color side up. If needed use a brayer to help the material lay flat on the mat.

Then it’s time to let Cricut cut out your layers. Make sure to change your vinyl colors between each cut (unless you plan to use only one color). Once your layers are cut, use the weeding tool to help weed out the negative space (non-words/pictures).

Next take Cricut Transfer Tape Strong Grip, cut to size so that it covers the letters; peel the backing off, lay it over the letters and use the scraper to gently rub the transfer tape onto the letters. When you peel away the white backing, the letters should stick to the transfer tape.

If they don’t, use the scraper again to gently rub over the transfer tape again. Repeat the process until your full Cricut project comes off the white backing and sticks to the transfer tape.

02.3 Adhere Your Images

The last step is to adhere your image (letters) to the wine glass. You can choose to either adhere the full image (all the letters) or do like I did, which was to adhere them separately. I felt this gave me more control over placement.

Let’s talk scale for a moment. When deciding on how close the words should be, the size of the letters, as well as the spacing of the letters, be sure to take into account what you are adhering to. In this case, I used stemless wine glasses which have rounded bend in them.

If you don’t want your words to wrap around the glass be sure to take all that I mentioned above into account before cutting your file.

That’s It! You now have the perfect Christmas gift idea for the wine-lover in your life!

If you are inspired to create a Cricut Christmas gift don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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