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4 Creative Trackers and Project Planner Pages Using Stickers

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Start achieving your goals using a visual map. Get 4 creative planner page ideas for your daily planner; including a word of the year cover page, debt payoff and home projects tracker pages.

If you love to plan, set goals and reach them you’ll definitely be inspired by these fresh new planner pages! They are all part of a “goals packet” that reside under the goals tab in my Happy Planner. It was so much fun to create these planner pages and I’m now invested in making my goals happen. The goals tab is also something I can reference regularly to keep my goals in mind and in view.

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When I created my disc-bound Happy Planner goals cover page for 2021 (see it here: How to Create a Vision Board for Your Planner), I knew I’d want to expand on that idea. As promised, today I’m sharing more planner pages that are within that tab in my business planner (see How to Use the Happy Planner as a Blog Planner).

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A Little Back Story

In the beginning of this year I thought I’d try a different planner and moved away from my tried and true Happy Planner. What a mistake that was! The other planner, at least for my business, just didn’t work for me and my goals.

So when Happy Planner introduced their new 18-month planners that started in July 2021 I grabbed one. It was the Sophisticated Florals and the cover quote said it all, “Let Go and Grow”. I just loved that word “grow”; embraced it and started creating all the planner pages you will see below.

Now comes the lesson.

I was so happy to be back in a Happy Planner that I didn’t even realize I wasn’t using the correct word of the year. This is why I choose a planner and stick to it.

“To be successful in your planner goals, choose one planner and stick with it.”

Stephanie | Behind the Designs

Supplies Used

Create Goals Pages For Your Planner

All that said, not all was lost. The beauty of using a disc-bound planner system is you can add, remove and move around any page you want. To get back on track I needed to create some specific planner pages for the goals section of my frankenplanner.

When setting goals I would suggest creating goals pages that mirror your word of the year…oh! and create a page as your word of the year too. In fact, make that your cover page.

01. Create A Cover Page Using Your Word Of The Year

Have you ever chosen a “word of the year”? I have to admit, I had never heard of this until I was deep into the planner community. Although I quickly found it is an amazingly great productivity tool. Having a word of the year helps to guide you in creating goals and steps that move you towards what you want (to achieve).

So naturally the first page under the goals tab is my (new) word of the year for 2021: Grow.

When the Happy Planner came out with the Sophisticated Florals large icon stickers I had a great idea to use them for my word of the year page. Once in hand, I got them onto the page and added some Cocoa Daisy Tranquility planner kit washi tape and thought I was done.

But it was just lacking something. I let it sit for a while and then out of the blue the inspiration struck to add trailing vines with tiny leaves on them to the letters. Now I was done.

On the back side I created a Kanban Board style page that I carried over to three more pages. These pages outlined my 30, 60 and 90-day goals, the outcome goals and steps for each main category; as well as a quarterly income summary. For each main category I listed the steps of how I planned to achieve growth in that area.

02. Create A Month By Month Debt Payoff Tracker

The next planner page in my goals section was a month to month debt payoff tracker. This planner page was actually created in 2020 but I never used it. So I fixed the year to be able to use it for 2021!

It took multiple sticker books to create this page but it turned out great! You just can’t ever go wrong with using sticker boxes. I now have a box to summarize my financial goal for this card which is prominently displayed at the top; a month-to-month box to list the payment made from January through December; a box to jot down notes or words of encouragement; and even a box at the very bottom to write in the date this card was paid off.

I also incorporated a journal sticker box to write myself a note that I can keep covered with the flip of a journal sticker!

03. Create A Quarterly Debt Payoff Tracker

Since I knew this next card might take longer to pay off I decided to create a quarterly debt payoff tracker. Plus I gave this planner page a boost by also incorporating a vision board style debt payoff tracker.

Part of creating a vision board is asking yourself, “how do I see (this goal achieved)?”; so I asked myself, “how do I see the benefit of paying off this credit card?” To me, that looked like relaxing on the beach! So I chose a beach vibe to decorate it.

To start, I found some inspiring beach pictures on the internet, printed them off on regular paper and used Tombow Mono Adhesive Dots to adhere them to the page. I also hand-lettered the name of the account at the top of the page (which is covered by seashells).

Next I pulled out my Happy Planner Budget Stickers…always my go-to for financial stickers. I used a financial goal box sticker to keep a summary of balances, goal and actions I planned to take. I added a few other decorative stickers along with a journaling box sticker; which flips open for an inspiring message to myself.

From there I just pretty much filled in the page with seashell washi tape and other beach-themed stickers. The seahorse sticker is from a sea themed sticker pack at Michaels. It’s actually 3-D as its raised up from the page.

Tracking Quarterly Progress

To track my quarterly progress I used 4 weekly boxes which I modified using my favorite Happy Planner Colorful Boxes Stickers. These boxes are so versatile; I own 5 of these sticker books! I used the smaller box to cover the header and wrote in the months that each box covered.

I didn’t actually create this tracker until the end of May (when the previous debt was paid off under #2) so it started fresh June 2021 and will go for 12 months. My plan is to fill in on the 4th day of that month for that days’ quarterly summary.

In my haste to create it, I had to add December 2021 on as a separate box because after I already created the headers I realized I made a mistake in counting June as part of the 3rd quarter. But it all worked out.

At the bottom I added two pictures as motivation. Both pictures are of my husband and myself, one was a holiday dinner and the other is our vacation to Sanibel Island (my absolute favorite beach!). For personal reasons I just covered those photos with more shells before picturing. Of all the stickers I used, I most loved the coral stickers and pastel rainbow “happy” word.

So far, having created these planner pages has been extremely helpful and I look forward to looking at them everyday. I also like that I can visually see my progress on our last debt payoff. It is true I can see that progress in our statements, but, it’s more pleasing to see my personal progress on staying focused and the growth I’ve achieved in the areas I wish to improve on.

Did I mention all the seashells in these pictures came straight from Sanibel Island. I have a whole small bucket of them. Oh and I grabbed some sand too. I’ll post separately how I used that sand and some of the shells.

04. Create A Home Projects Tracker

In 2021 it was my personal goal to start living simply and focus on my home which I had neglected for far too many years. To accomplish this goal I started, first, with the January Declutter Checklist Planner Printable.

Next I created this Home Projects Tracker planner page to help me manage three home projects.

  1. Finish the kitchen mini makeover
  2. Start updating the powder room ($)
  3. Start updating the laundry room ($)

Project #2 and #3 required a budget so I simply added in a small gold dollar sign sticker to set my budget for those projects. At the bottom of this planner page was space to list a long term home projects goal.

The stickers used for this Home Projects Tracker are from the Happy Planner Homebody sticker book.

If you are inspired to create planner trackers, project or goals pages don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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