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3 Easy DIY Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Cards

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Looking for a unique Happy Mother’s Day card? We’ve got you covered! Create one of these 3 easy DIY watercolor bouquet mother’s day cards for mom. Each uses a different watercolor technique and uses minimal supplies.

Each of the card designs features a floral bouquet in watercolor that will be remembered (and cherished!) long after her real flowers are gone. A handmade card will always be moms’ favorite!

There is just something about giving a handmade card over a store bought card. Creating your own Mother’s Day card allows you to put your personal stamp on it and truly show mom how much you love her and think of her. Trust me she’ll cherish it forever. As a mom, I’ve received my fair share of handmade cards from my daughter and I still have each one.

Want to see a short video of how I created the last card? Check out my Instagram to see exactly how I created the roses!

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Of course if you are not feeling crafty or are pressed for time, you can still give mom a handmade mothers day card! Just check out the BTD Shop or the direct links below.

DIY Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Cards in this Tutorial

  • Vintage Pastel Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Card (uses a freehand painted rose technique)
  • Million Little Things Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Card (uses a hand-stamped rose technique)
  • Circle Roses in Mason Jar Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Card (uses an organic painted circle technique)

One of the cards does feature a freehand watercolor rose bouquet. Before going over the craft supplies and instructions of how each card was created I want to show you a little tutorial on how to paint a watercolor rose.

So let’s get started on this DIY tutorial!

01. How to Paint a Watercolor Rose

Before starting to paint your watercolor rose, it’s best to do a practice run first. Take some plain paper and just run through the technique so you can get a feel for how much watercolor paint to put down and how to get the shape of the petal.

01.1 Paint the Center of the Rose

Using the diagram below, the first step is to lightly press your brush in small semi-circles (this will be the center of the rose). It’s okay if the edges touch a little but remember to leave some white space. I’ve always thought of the two very center strokes as kidney beans because they almost cradle each other.

01.2 Paint the Rose Petals

As you work your way outward, creating that circular shape, your brush strokes will be longer and the petals will get lighter (Step 2). Depending on the size brush you use, you may find that you need to put more or less pressure on your brush to get those outer edges.

01.3 Paint the Stem

The last step for this mothers day card craft is to add a stem and leaves. There are a number of different ways to create the leaves. I was working toward a specific shape but as you can see I still need some more work on that technique!

02. Supplies for Vintage Pastel Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Card

03. Vintage Pastel Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Card

For this card I used watercolor paper to first paint the rose bouquet on; once it was dry I fussy cut around the bouquet and leaves. Next I created a blush pink border around the card using the Tombow marker and glued the bouquet onto the card. The finished effect of this technique is now some of the leaves hang over the border edge.

The last step for the card was to use a Happy Planner seasonal sticker to add the message, “Happy Mother’s Day” to the cover. Once the card was finished it seemed not right to have such a plain white envelope, so I added a small rose bouquet arrangement to the outside edge. I really love how this card turned out!

Want to skip creating this card? I’ve already got you covered! You can purchase this exact notecard in the BTD Shop: Vintage Roses Watercolor Mother’s Day Card.

04. Supplies for Million Little Things Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Card

05. Million Little Things Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Card

Another easy card to make for Mom is this rose stamped watercolor card. A simple design that is made easy by using watercolor paint and stamps! I used the rose stamp from “a million little things” set with VersaFine ink. Then I used watercolors in mixed hues of pinks and purples to fill in the rose and to give the message at the top a swatch of color. When I finished, the card needed something else so I took some green watercolor and gently splashed it across the front.

Craft tip: If you plan to watercolor your stamped design, be sure to use VersaFine pigment ink or else your stamp ink may bleed into the watercolor.

Once again, I wanted to create a matching envelope. I used the same rose stamp but only inked the area of the rose I wanted. To finish the envelope, I used the same watercolor technique as I did on the card.

You might not have any crafting supplies handy -and that’s okay because I’ve got you covered! You can purchase this exact notecard in the BTD Shop: Rose Stamp Watercolor Mother’s Day Notecard.

06. Supplies for Circle Roses in Mason Jar Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Card

07. Circle Roses in Mason Jar Watercolor Bouquet Mother’s Day Card

This is by far the easiest card because it simply consists of watercolor circles. Start by applying circles of watercolor paint on the paper. Add your green stems and leaves. Once dry, use the Micron Fineliner to create circles within the watercolor circles -it’s okay to go out of the lines! If you wish to, use a mason jar paper punch to cut out some decorative scrapbook paper and apply using glue. Hand-letter your message at the top and viola!

This beautiful notecard also needed a matching envelope. To fill in some of the stem area I used a small heart stamp with pink ink. I then used that same pink stamp ink to edge around the card cover.

Even though this card is super easy to create, if you just don’t have the time I’ve still got you covered! You can purchase this exact card in the BTD Shop: Watercolor Circle Roses Mother’s Day Card.

Do you have an idea for a great greeting card? Drop your idea in a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you are inspired to create a handmade mother’s day card don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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