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DIY Reusable Cricut Easter Basket Idea

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This is the best DIY Cricut Easter Basket Idea I’ve had to date! There’s enough room for all the Easter chocolate plus so much more! The best part is that I can reuse the basket and a few other things all year long!!

As a DIY enthusiast I’m always looking for unique ideas. Especially ideas where I can reuse or repurpose something because then I get the biggest bang for my buck (if ya know what I mean!). That is exactly what happened one day while walking through Hobby Lobby.

It all started with this simple green jelly basket I found sitting on a shelf all by itself. I thought, what cute basket and well that’s all I need to get started on a project…is for something to be cute.

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While thinking about what I was going to put in this Easter basket, I knew it had to incorporate a Peeps plush. I just love Peeps! Not the candy just the plushies.

I also knew I’d be including some DIY Cricut Crafts to led a handmade touch to this Easter Basket project. So here is a list of what I included in this project and the stores I found them at.

DIY Reusable Easter Basket Contents

  • Spring green jelly basket (14″x12″) -Hobby Lobby
  • Easter paper shred filler -Hobby Lobby
  • Twine wrapped carrot bunch -Hobby Lobby
  • Green Artist’s Loft mini sketchbook (4″x4″) -Michaels
  • Yellow stuffed Peep (~8.5″ tall) -Marshalls
  • Libby style drinking glass in Lavender color -Marshalls
  • Variety of chocolate candy -Walmart
  • Cricut Permanent Glossy Vinyl -Pink Lavender

DIY Reusable Cricut Easter Basket

Let’s assemble this Easter basket! The first thing I needed to do was get the vinyl cut for the three Cricut Easter Basket projects I was planning on putting in the basket. That included the Libby-style drinking glass, mini sketchbook and Easter Basket tag.

01. Libby Style Drinking Glass

For this project I used a Cupcakes and Cashmere Libby-style drinking glass that came in a box of 4. The glass body has a pale lavender color and the glass straw is a clear glass with a light wood top.

I decided to use a pink lavender Cricut Permanent Glossy vinyl to cut the bunny shape. One craft tip I can offer is to use maybe a painters tape to create your line at the bottom of the glass before adhering the bunny shape.

This particular Libby-style glass has a small ridge or edge at the bottom and since the vinyl bunny cutout was going to wrap around the glass, having a guide would’ve been helpful.

The bunny shape was cut at 1-1/2″ tall which gave me a total of 12 bunny shapes. This drinking glass used 10 of the vinyl bunnies and I decided to use the last two bunnies on the remaining projects. Why waste any material, right?!

02. Mini Sketchbook

At only a 4″x4″ size this mini sketchbook is perfect to use in a variety of ways. It has 75-pound acid-free paper which makes it ideal for nature journaling!

I went back and forth on where to place the vinyl bunny shape and in the end decided to center it on the back of the sketchbook. That way, no matter how it was used there was still an option to decorate the front or use more vinyl for a truly customized cover!

03. Basket Tag

It was my original plan to use my Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut out a bunny shaped tag to adhere to this DIY Reusable Cricut Easter Basket. But, since I still had one vinyl bunny shape left, I decided to dig into my supplies and used a 2″ pre-cut circle tag.

It worked out perfectly! To attach it to the basket I simply used some green crafters twine. Plus there’s still room on the back to write a custom message or a child’s name.

Once those three Cricut projects were finished it was time to assemble my DIY Reusable Cricut Easter Basket. As with any basket the first step was getting the grass in the basket. The reason I chose paper shred is because I have pets and faux Easter grass is bad for them if they ate it. Plus paper shred will break down and not clog up our landfills.

Just look at all that goodness! Regrettably the chocolate M&M’s did not make it to the final project.

With this project finished you might be asking yourself how I plan to reuse this basket. Well, it just so happens when I first saw this basket it wasn’t an Easter project that first came to mind.

How I Plan To Reuse This Basket

To be honest there are a number of way to reuse this jelly basket. Most of my ideas are related to my garden.

My first idea was that it would work perfectly to hold pulled weeds from the garden. Since it’s plastic it’s easily washable. But if I didn’t want the weeds to potentially fall out of the sides I can place a small paper bag inside the basket to catch those pesky weeds.

Another thought I had was this basket would be the perfect companion to hold and carry out any nature journaling supplies I have. If I wanted to spend a day in the garden or on the side porch this basket would be perfect.

I could also use this basket to hold a number of small snacks and a drink (in the gorgeous Libby-style glass I created!) to take with me into the garden or not he porch. So, as you can see there are so many ideas to reuse this basket!

If you are inspired to create a DIY Reusable Cricut Easter Basket don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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