DIY Craft Jar Transformation Using Spray Paint

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Easily transform any project with spray paint. These metal flower craft jar lids took maybe 10 minutes. It’s an easy DIY craft that even kids can do!

I’ve had these cute little craft jars bouncing around my craft room for awhile now. I’ve used them for everything -paperclips, buttons, beads, you name it. They are really functional because they sit with the lids facing you, making it super easy to get out what you need, when you need it.

When I found these glass jars at a local craft store, I fell in love. I knew I wanted to use them in my office for craft storage (one can never have too many cute storage options!). Although I liked the color of the original minty-blue flower lid, it wasn’t going to work for my office aesthetic and style. So, I started to look for the perfect fuchsia color (tapping into my inner Kate Spade) in spray paint.

Clearance Minty Blue Flower Lid Craft Jars Before Spray Paint

The base color of the original lid is a soft antique cream color that I left as is (see the “before” picture above). I only spray painted the metals flowers. But, as luck would have it (or not!) my pictures did not come out on the method I used to cover the base (before spray painting), so I do not have a picture to share on the technique I used.

Jar Lid Preparation

Take 2-4 pieces of paper and position them just under the metal flower and taped them in place. This will protect the cream colored base of the jar lid. Then it was just about getting the spray paint all around the flower and into the crevices. When spray painting a project with this much detail, it’s best to use short bursts of paint to be sure you get into all of the crevices and don’t cause any paint runs or drips.


  • Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra Cover Paint + Primer in Satin Magenta

You can find this paint at just about any local hardware or craft store. It was the closest I could find to a fuchsia color that I wanted. Why isn’t there any true fuchsia color spray paint?!

DIY Magenta Spray Painted Flower Lid Craft Jars After Transformation

The longest part of this project was:

  1. Actually getting around to doing it! and;
  2. Choosing a paint color -which is difficult because how can you choose from a rainbow of beautiful colors!

I’m not a 100% modern minimalist; I do like colors and love using them throughout my house, against a minimalist base. Strangely, my home office is the only room that has so much white in it, however, that is mostly the craft storage units I use. Maybe I have a lot of white in my craft room because it’s a room that is kid and husband free!

Now that I’m finished with the jars and have them in my craft room holding buttons, paperclips and binder clips…..I wish I had changed the base color too. It’s too subtle when paired with a bold magenta color. But, no worry there because now…..I want to change the color (again)!

That’s how I roll. The good news is that changing up the color on these jar lids are as easy as 10 minutes and a can of spray paint!

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