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How To Make A Shaker Card For Your Planner

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Want to jazz up your planner pocket with supplies you probably already have on hand? Learn how to make a shaker card using journal tip-in cards, sequins, glitter and other fun elements! This tutorial teaches you how in just 5 easy steps!

You may remember the Halloween Travelers Notebook Setup using Planner Society where I talked about the shaker card I made. Well today I’m sharing the instructions on how I created the shaker card and I’ll be using new journal cards for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. This is such a short and sweet tutorial that you’ll quickly become addicting to creating shaker cards too!

For this easy craft I’m using journaling cards from Designs Planner Perfect and I intend to put them into the front pocket of my Everyday Organized Planner Perfect travelers notebook cover. One bonus of making this easy craft is you can make your shaker card any size that you want or need.

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This was somewhat of a rushed craft because once I finished I realized I hadn’t put all the glitter and sequins in each card that I had planned on. But that’s what makes crafting so unique and I still love how they came out. It was also an unusually sunny day and it was challenging to get consistent pictures. But I just couldn’t wait to share this craft with you especially with the upcoming holiday.

You’ll find all the craft supplies you need listed below. So let’s get started!

01. Gather Supplies

The tool being used to fuse the plastic pieces together gets extremely hot. So please take caution when using it and keep tiny fingers and hands away from it.

If you don’t have a glass cutting mat, it’s okay. Just use an old magazine as a surface under the fuse tool.

02. Measure and Cut Plastic

For this step, cut down one of the page protectors to a more managable size that allows at least a 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch edge around your journal card.

Don’t worry about making the two pieces of plastic match up. This can be especially hard if you are not working from the folded edge of the page protector. But you don’t have to worry because once the card is fully sealed you can go back to line up and trim off any edge that needs it.

03. Seal Three Sides

In this step it is up to you how much “edge” you want to keep on your shaker card. It’s a good idea to use the metal ruler stencil that comes with the fuse tool. It will help to guide in making a straight line. You will fuse three of the four sides and make sure your card still fits. Leave the top open until you complete step 4.

04. Drop in Glitter and Sequins

This is the fun part! Now you get to drop in any glitter, sequins or decorations you want using the open top of the card. Be careful to not overload the amount being put in because if it’s too full it won’t shake correctly.

Tip #1: If you are making multiple (different) shakers it’s a good idea to organize your supplies for each card ahead of time. You could use a paint palette tray to organize what glitter and sequins go into each card.

Tip #2: When selecting your glitters I would advise against using fine glitter. It’ll go right through those small holes as soon as you pick it up.

05. Seal Top of Card

The last step in this easy craft project is to use the fuse tool to seal the top of the shaker card. Once sealed, you can then trim down any edge(s) to make the card fit better in your planner or any edges that seem uneven. And you are done!

In just 5 easy steps you can have a shaker card for your planner too! I love pulling out my shaker card every now and then and just shaking it –so much fun!


  • Put colored or themed cardstock paper on the backside of the journal cards. That way, no matter what side is showing, it’ll look great in your pocket.
  • Most scrapbook paper pads have some type of journal card or card shapes in it. Use these in place of the journal cards; like those that come from planner kits or project life.
  • Create your own journal card and you can make it any size you want.
  • Use pictures as your card. A shaker card is a great gift idea for school pictures, family pictures and holiday pictures.

If you are inspired to create a planner shaker card don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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