Fall Wine Tasting at Glenora Winery 2012

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We’re right smack in the middle of fall and what’s the perfect thing to do? Go wine tasting and do some leaf peeping, of course! I did just that, with my fabulous husband, on a “get-away, day-time date” this past Friday. I also think it just might have been the last perfect weekend for leaf peeping!

The relaxing drive out to Seneca Lake provided many great views and opportunities to snap some great pictures too. Although I didn’t ask my husband to stop at all, if I had, we probably would never have made it to the winery! We were scheduled for the Harvest Food and Wine Pairing, in the private Reserve Room at Glenora Wine Cellars.

Harvest Food & Wine Pairing Mneu:

  • Celeriac Dill Bisque with Toasted Garlic Sourdough Croutons
  • House made Chicken Sausage with Root Vegetable Hash,caramelized onion, and chicken demi-glace
  • Glenora Farms Apple Crisp with New York Maple Syrup

Below are some snapshots of our wonderful day-trip. I actually worked up the nerve to “disassemble” my Canon Rebel camera setup from its’ beaded jewelry picture setup to take with me on this date. This first picture, I took through the back picture window -what a fantastic view, no?!

This snapshot was the same direction, just a little closer to the winery.

I took quite a few pictures of these wine glasses that were sitting on the window sill. This was the best “professional” shot I could get…a little glare in the window, but still a good shot, I think.

As the menu indicates, the last pairing served Glenora Farms’ Apple Crisp with New York Maple Syrup, paired with Glenora Jammin’ Red Wine. This was by far, the tastiest and most memorable ending, I can recall from any tasting I’ve been to. And what made it even more interesting -the wine was served heated. Yes, the wine was slightly steaming as it was poured into our glasses!

We loved this last pairing so much, we just had to know how it was done and the staff was more than happy to share the recipe (they even helped set up the items in the picture above!). It basically involved heating the wine, some water and mulling spice in a crockpot for approximately 2 hours. Let me tell you. It was awesome!!!

On the way out, I saw this lighted wine bottle tree and just had to get a picture. Isn’t it fabulous?! There was one just like it outside, as well.

Our wine tasting at Glenora Winery was a perfect daytime date with my husband. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the wines served, but we definitely picked up some of that Jammin’ Red along with four other bottles of wines.

I’m a bit of a “cootie-freak” so I did notice that the wine glasses offered for the tasting were not as clean as I’d like them to be. I realize it can be tough to keep them spotless but some had fingerprints on them and one still had a faint lipstick stain on it. Eww! But, that won’t teter me from going back there. {wink}

Fulkerson Winery

While out that way, we stopped for a quick tasting at Fulkerson Winery, because we are fans of their Red Zepplin wine.

At the backside of the parking lot was this beautiful landscape that I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of. I had to laugh because with my camera hanging around my neck, I had to have looked like either a tourist or professional photographer. I don’t take my “jewelry camera” out of the studio much. I’m too afraid of dropping it or messing up the settings, that I have perfected for my beaded jewelry pictures.

But a chance at getting some great autumn pictures of coloring leaves or great landscapes, on that day, I took the chance and think, in the end, it was a good decision.

On the ride back home, we purposely stopped at one more place, to see a good friends painted art pieces and setup at Toadally Wine. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this fantastic fall adventure, featuring wine themed painted art from Bronson Hill Arts.

I hope you enjoyed joining me on this wine and food tasting adventure. So, tell me have you been on any autumn adventures this year? What did you do? Let me know in the comments below or tag me on Instagram by using #btdinspired, I’d love to hear of your adventures!

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