Create a Colorful Fall Bucket List Using Stickers

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We’ve all seen the memes about autumn arriving and pumpkin spice (everything!), am I right?! There are some of us who love this time of year and then there are some who don’t. I fall (no pun intended!) into the group that loves when autumn arrives. My husband, he’s a good man. He knows how much I love pumpkin spice creamer and he starts to grab up a stock of it as soon as it hits the stores. So technically I’ve been drinking pumpkin spice coffee since before autumn even arrived.

The “when is autumn here” marker for me is September 1st, not the recognized September 22nd date. Once that first day of September arrives I’m all about pumpkins, pumpkin spice, fall decorating and changing up my planner. One of the first things I did was change up my planner with a new soft cover from the Happy Planner. I just love it and the color was perfect for fall. Then I grabbed my 40 Inspiring Fall Bucket List Ideas and got to work creating a fall bucket list for this year.

Before I dive into the details of my fall bucket list, can we just talk about these new snap-in soft covers. These are game changers for me because the spine that snaps onto the discs was made more flexible than their past designs. It’s so much easier to get these covers on now and the overall look is perfect for a more professional setting at work.

Along with these autumn updates was the change out of the paper on my creative desktop. It’s a little outside of my normal but I really love the warm “wood” tone look for the fall season. It looks especially nice against the laser-cut ivory lace scrapbook paper I use in the background. Wouldn’t you agree?

Creating a Happy Planner Fall Bucket List Page

It was my plan to give you a list of all the sticker books I used to create this colorful fall bucket list page, but I used bits and pieces of so many that I lost track of which ones I used. I can say for certain that I used some from the new Happy Planner seasons of color sticker book -the stickers in this value pack are just amazingly beautiful! I’ve gone ahead and listed below most of the sticker books I used to create this page.

The overall planner page was inspired by the gold leaf stickers I’ve been wanting to use (even though these little buggers are really difficult to photograph!). To create this fall bucket list I first started with a focal point which was the floral banner from the seasons of color sticker book; and at the bottom the “leaves are falling, fall is calling” sticker quote. From there I chose three colorful boxes that would complement these stickers and built my list around that.

That is the beauty of the autumn season -it doesn’t matter what colors you work with, they all go together just like the colorful leaves on the trees. You just can’t deny those deep and vibrant color tones with pops of orange and red are perfect for a fall bucket list.

Let’s talk about how cute that “do a fall craft” quote sticker box is! I used some scissors stickers from the Super Mom sticker pack and then made some dash marks around the box. I’m so glad I was able to get this page finished early enough because we’ll be fall decorating this coming weekend and I’ll be able to fill in that box. I’m also already working on a fall craft and looking at my list I’ve either already done something or it’s in the works. I just might need to create a 2nd page bucket list on the backside!

Once I’ve completed the bucket list item, I will write in the box the date it was completed as well as a little memory of the day/event. I can then use this to reference when I create a more detailed memory keeping journal page.

Back in mid 2020, I ventured into bullet journaling and started with a B6 stalogy. I loved the creative freedom of bullet journaling but it does take some time to setup your months and weeks. When I was setting up my pages, I went all in and that can be seen in my Three Autumn Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas post. Although it took more time than I had to setup each month I do miss it and hope to get back to it someday.

If you look up bullet journaling there is a plethora of information and inspiration to get you started. While the traditional bullet journal style was all hand drawn with writing; these days bullet journaling is whatever you want to make it. I’ll readily admit I cannot draw (except simple flowers and smiley faces) but I didn’t let that stop me from experiencing the function of bullet journals. While I did use stickers for this bucket list, it was mainly because I have so many!

Creating a Fall Bucket List in a Bullet Journal

For my September 2020 dashboard I created this colorful fall bucket list using watercolor, stamps, stickers and my fav micron black 01 pen. Some of the supplies I used for these two pages can be found below. To create the watercolor back ground I used a piece of vellum type paper I had on hand (it had been used as stuffing for a package I received) and watercolor paint. I used a variety of autumn colors and just created a simple wash of each color and layered them as I went along.

Once dry I glued the paper into my stalogy and used a pumpkin rubber stamp and micron pen to give the list a border. I drew some leaves on the border and used an acorn rubber stamp that I had from a past Planner Society kit. I lettered in “fall bucket list” at the top and then selected the stickers I wanted to use. I put a small box by each bucket list item and lettered the title of each list item.

Supplies Used For These Fall Bucket Lists

It’s that easy to create a colorful and functional fall bucket list in your planner or bullet journal. You can make it as intricate or simple as you want. The key is to create one so that you have something to guide you and keep you on track once the busier fall to winter seasons begin.

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