Three Autumn Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

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Is it too early to start talking about Fall yet?! Maybe for some, but for me when autumn comes it’s pure bliss. Don’t get me wrong I love summer, but I love Fall most of all. With autumn quickly approaching my mind began to dream of beautiful autumn planner spreads in rich colors, leaves and pumpkin spice. Which then led me to thinking about my bullet journal from 2020 that was in a Stalogy 365 notebook.

I started a Stalogy notebook in July 2020 and thoroughly enjoyed using it. But then I started to move away from it in April 2021 (I don’t recall why). I think other than the Happy Planner it’s the longest I’ve ever stayed with a planner system. I really liked the creativity that I could put into the Stalogy notebook as compared to the Happy Planner that comes pre-printed with everything you need to get started. Using a bullet journal type planner system, such as the Stalogy, is purely about functional planning.

There is a lot of room to be creative with a Stalogy notebook. But, if you feel you aren’t that creative there are many planner shops that offer free printables that you could tape into your notebook. If you are looking for inspiration be sure to check out Daksina on Youtube; her Stalogy setups are simple but very pretty!

Most of the people I’ve come across who use a Stalogy as their bullet journal will tell you it’s the best bullet journal they’ve ever used. But, just like any other planner system, the Stalogy 365 notebook has its’ pros and cons. I’ve listed below some of these points that also include my opinion about using the Stalogy notebook.

Stalogy 365 Pros:

  • You can be as creative as you want with your spreads.
  • All your planning spreads (and whatever else you add in) will be in one place -one book.
  • The spine is flexible and you can bend it completely back so the front cover touches the back cover.
  • Pages take watercolor amazingly well for being so thin.
  • The size of a B6 Stalogy is 5×7 which makes it real easy to find papers and add-in for this size.
  • Each page has a very faint light gray grid which makes it perfect for getting accurate boxes and lines without standing out too much and invading your creative pages.

Bullet Journal Tip: To keep important pages referenced as your bullet journal gets thicker, use page flags to easily mark those important pages.

Behind the Designs

Stalogy 365 Cons:

  • As a south-paw, once you get towards the back of a very full Stalogy notebook, it becomes difficult to write on the page close to the spine.
  • Once you get about half-way through the notebook it can get quite heavy to carry. But, in fairness, that’s really only the case if you stuff it full of fun stuff like tip-ins, stickers and journal cards (which I like to do).
  • There can be pen bleed through with certain pens and/or if you write hard (like I do). This bleed-through also makes it difficult to get a good picture of your spread because of the ghosting.

01. August Sunflower Theme

When August approaches I’m ready for all the apple picking, leaf peeping and pumpkin spice coffee creamer. I also find I begin to yearn for Fall planner pages. In case you’re wondering, my monthly grid consisted of squares that counted 5 squares up and 6 squares across for each day. I kept that same monthly sizing throughout my whole notebook.

With all my pages, I always start by using a pencil and then I go back and erase any visible lines. For my August month I knew I wanted to do a sunflower theme. I’ll be pretty honest, I can’t draw at all, but I have found ways around that. I started by creating my month grid and outlined that in a light brown Paper Mate Flair Ultra Fine marker. I purposely left a larger left side margin because I had a rubber stamp with a sunflower and quote I wanted to us.

Here’s where I had to get a little creative because if I stamped directly onto the page, it would bleed through. So instead I stamped the image on a scrap piece of paper and then traced the image onto my Stalogy page. Then it was just a matter of outlining it using black, brown and yellow Staedtler Triplus fineliners, light brown Paper Mate Flair Ultra Fine marker. I did throw a few butterfly stickers on the page mostly because I have so many stickers. Then I hand-lettered a quote at the top using the green Staedtler Triplus and a Pentel Touch brush pen for the “Hello August” wording.

Quote at the top of the page:

“She flies with her own wings.”


Quote on sunflower stamp:

“Somedays you have to create your own sunshine.”


Here are the supplies to make this layout:

02. September Autumn Leaves Pumpkin Spice Please

If I recall correctly, by the time I reached the month of August in my B6 Stalogy notebook, I was feeling pretty comfortable in getting it set up. I knew what I liked, what worked and it was just a matter of planning out the pages and setting up the month page which is where I tended to be more creative.

Setting up my September page was so much fun. Again, I did not draw this. I used a leaf stencil I picked up at Michaels and my own handmade stencil using a rubberstamp for both the pumpkin and the coffee cup. For this month I just really wanted to embrace all that was beautiful about autumn and choose the following dual brush art markers from Tombow: 847, 992, 993, 933, 947, 177.

It’s a fact of life -practice makes perfect and that is shown in my month title. Little by little I’m getting better at my lettering.

03. October Halloween Spiders Web Stacked Pumpkins

For me, October is all about Halloween. While I truly don’t like Halloween at all, I do like the colors of orange, black and purple during this month. Oh and I hate spiders too. I know, hate is a strong word….but, yeah -me no likey them. However, I did concede and scattered a few across my monthly spread.

One night before falling asleep, I came up with the idea of using stacked pumpkins in the side bar area. So, how do I accomplish that when I can’t draw? I go to my daughter….she draws beautifully. Once again, I used her drawing (which she outlined in a black Micron 01) as a stencil and traced it out. On this spread, I only used a black Micron 01 pen and a light brown Pentel Touch brush pen.

The spider web, spiders, black pumpkin face, “October” month and three small month tracker boxes were all stickers. To finish it off I used some washi (that I believe came from Michaels) to edge the top and bottom pages.

Quote at the top of the page:

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.”


Here are the supplies used to make this layout:

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    1. Thank you so much Barb! I’ve used Staedtler Triplus fineliners in my Stalogy. While there is very little ghosting, it doesn’t bother me. Also, too, if you happen to write “hard” like I do, it would cause more bleed through. So I make sure to be aware of how hard I’m writing. Hope that information helps you.

    2. I forgot to mention Barb, if you’d like to try the Staedtler marker pens I’ve included a link above for you to use. If you get them, come back and let me know how they work!

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