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Stars & Stripes Art Journal Spreads Using Paint and Stencils

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If you love creating anything with a patriotic theme or using acrylic paint and stencils, you’re going to love this post! These Stars and Stripes Art Journal Spreads can be completed in less than a day! Grab your supplies and get all the details below.

There is just something warm and welcoming about creative projects that use red, white and blue colors. Wouldn’t you agree?! As a rule I typically create something patriotic each year mostly because there are just so many ideas! Also each year my goal is to create something even better than the prior year.

That said, I just love my Let Freedom Ring Art Journal Page where I used an American flag decoupage napkin as the starting point to that journal spread.

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Then last year I wanted to again use an American flag as the starting point but I wanted this journal spread to be brighter and less antiqued feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to add a little antiqued edge to my journal pages using some stamping ink. But, again, I wanted something brighter this time around.

That’s when I turned to my acrylic paints. The result was a loud and proud travelers notebook journal spread as well as a Happy Planner spread. Both of which I’m completely in love with!


Stars & Stripes Art Journal Spreads Detail

Anytime you start a mixed media art journal project you can make it as easy or complicated as you want. This particular project was pretty easy!

To start I created a template on the page by penciling in my scalloped edge where the stars would be and then the stripes.

Stars and Stripes Journal Spread

If you are working in a traveler’s notebook journal you’ll want to protect the pages behind the one you plan to work on. All I do is slip behind those pages a scrap piece of paper or semi-thick card stock. That way the paint won’t bleed over the edges.

Next I started painting the stars section and then it was on to the stripes. If you wanted to follow the full process, be sure to join the Creative Planning Expressions Community to view the full video tutorial on this project.

Once everything was dry I stenciled on my falling stars and this page was ready for the Pledge of Allegiance quote. This took just as long as painting the stripes because it was a matter of getting the letters lined up and the full quote on the available white stripes. You’ll notice I ran out of room!

I also smeared the already-cramped word “nation”; but it’s perfectly imperfect! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, I just couldn’t have one type of page…I needed a Happy Planner spread page as well!

Decoupage Napkins American Flag


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Stars and Stripes Happy Planner Spread

In all honesty, technically I create this planner spread first. I wanted to get the idea down on paper and I wasn’t worried about what I’d use each for because I had ideas for both. With the Happy Planner pages my stars area didn’t have a very scalloped edge and my striping was off at the bottom.

But as I’ve said and will continue to say, no art journal or creative planning page has to be perfect! The joy is supposed to be found in the creation of the pages.

My Stars and Stripes Happy Planner pages were used for memory keeping. I placed pictures on them that I printed on my Canon Ivy mini photo printer. They were of family who has or had served in any branch of service from the Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force. Next to each photo I wrote the name of the person, the branch they served in and the years of service (if I was able to get this information).

For privacy reasons, I don’t plan to post the finished page. To finish off the backside of each page I simply glued down patriotic themed scrapbook paper. So now it looks much like a mini book inside my Happy Planner!

Did you make this Stars and Stripes Art Journal Spreads?

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