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Set Goals For The Month Tips + Planner Printable

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Setting goals shouldn’t be hard or make you sweat with anxiety! That’s why this Goals For This Month printable was created -and it’s free! Use this printable to break down your monthly goals into 4 easy blocks and then list the actions steps to achieve them. It’s that easy!

Before getting started be sure to check out the Goal Setting archives for inspiration when setting your goals. But if you are looking for an easy to understand goal setting process, this is it. Combining your goals with this free printable will have you on your way to getting organized and achieving your goals.

This printable is so versatile you can use it for setting your business goals or personal goals. The layout is well organized and easily helps you get your goals set up. Ideally, you should start setting your goals or at least writing down your ideas a week before the month starts.

For some, setting goals is easy; but for others, not so much. That’s why if you are struggling to figure out how to even get started, it is my hope this post will help you. More importantly, I want to inspire you not only set goals but to get them organized and create a usable reference tool for yourself. That is what this free printable will give you! So let’s get started!

01. Do a Braindump

The first step you should take in setting your monthly goals is to do a braindump. This means simply to grab a piece of paper and rapid log all the goals you’d like to achieve -just for a month. Remember your main monthly goals should be steps that will help you ultimately achieve your yearly goals.

Looking for Goals For This Month without color? Check out our minimalistic printable!

02. Choose 4 Main Goals

Out of your braindump list choose four (4) main goals you’d like to achieve during the month. It’s good practice to choose goals you know you can (likely) achieve. This is not the stage to try and achieve a 5 year goal -while these “baby steps” will get you to that 5 year goal -you are unlikely to achieve that in in any one month.

03. Set Your Goals

The best way to use this free printable to help you achieve your goals is to write each of your four goals into the first box by the circled number. If you wanted to, you could also write a little description for your goal. Let’s use a little simplistic example below.

For Example:

  • Main Goal Category: Budget
  • Goal Description: Stay on top of bills and save X amount of money

04. List 3 Ways To Achieve The Goal

This part is pretty self-explanatory but it’s worth reviewing. Using the example above your three ways to achieve your budgeting goal for the month might look like:

  • List bills due for the month (check out Know Your Worth 2022 Budget Planner Setup to see how to use a budget Happy Planner and to see how the pages are setup for ideas)
  • Schedule in planner the days to pay bills
  • From each paycheck, save $50 and transfer into savings account

05. Goals Check-in

About mid-month, be sure to do a goal check-in to make sure you are on track to achieve your monthly goals. If you are not, first access why; then recalibrate and get back on track.

Now it’s time to get those goals set for the month!

Get the Goals For This Month Printable

This free printable is not just for the Happy Planner! It is completely resizeable for any planner.

Grab my free printable

Colorful Goals For This Month

Make setting goals fun using this colorful Goals For This Month planner printable! There are four areas to help make it easier to group your goals into main categories.

If you are inspired to set goals for the month, grab a picture if how you used this printable in your planner and don’t forget to share; by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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