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Easy DIY Nesting Bird Floral Heart Door Wreath

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You’ve no doubt heard someone, at some point in your life, say “I’m not that crafty”. Maybe you’ve even said it about yourself. But let’s be real here, “being crafty” isn’t always and doesn’t have to be about complicated projects.

So that is exactly what todays post is all about. When I’m not planning my day in one of my beautiful planners, I’m, well….planning a creative project! When I came across this beautiful floral heart door wreath in a local craft store, it was ready to be put right up on the front door -and I purchased it on clearance! But, I had a creative idea for it.

We have a gorgeous wrap around porch and we’ve also got a few birdhouses hanging on the porch too. As you can imagine we get a lot of bird activity on our porch -especially when it’s breeding season. For me, bird watching is a very relaxing activity -unless the birds are having a fight. Sadly, sometimes the fight is about who is going to get to live in the few birdhouses we have up.

Over the years, I’ve taken so many pictures of our guest birds so that I could document them in my memory keeper planner. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have over 1,000 pictures of my gardens, the garden visitors and wildlife that has come through our yard. I’ll have to remember to post some pictures of the bird broods we’ve been able to document over the years.

It was my porch and visiting birds that gave me the idea to DIY this door wreath and put a nest, bird and some eggs on the wreath. The end result was perfect and each year I pull this spring wreath out to put on the door it just makes me smile. The best part is if you wanted to do the same, all you need for this project are five supplies and that includes the wreath.

Supplies Needed

  • pre-made wreath
  • glue gun
  • grapevine nest
  • small bird
  • small plastic eggs

I found all of the supplies necessary for this quick DIY project at the local craft store in the wreath supplies area which is usually near the flowers. The assembly instructions are super easy! Simply hot glue the bird and eggs to the nest and then you hot glue the nest to the wreath. Oh and I also added into the nest an additional little pink paper flower. It really helped highlight the nest better and matched the existing flowers perfectly.

Another tip: I added just a small amount of thin wire to the bottom of the nest to attach it to the heart wreath just to give it a little more stability. This was especially important because my daughter goes in and out the front door to catch her bus and she’s hit that wreath on more than one occasion. So this just gave me a little security my birdie and her nest won’t get knocked off the wreath.

Now, I did purchase this front door wreath already premade. I mean who can resist that gorgeous selection of pink-toned florals! The colors looks amazing against the backdrop of the black front door and the florals just pop with color. But, you could recreate this same wreath or one very similar. Your local craft store will carry everything you need.

For the wreath shape you could do a grapevine wreath or wire frame already formed to the shape you want to use. You could even create your own wire frame to use, if you’re feeling extra crafty. Next, select the fabric florals that speak to you, just keep in mind the florals offered will be based on the season. I’m not a floral expert but my best guess of the florals in my wreath are:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Peony
  • Dahlia
  • and maybe a few greenery leaves for depth

Did you know? The color of hydrangea blooms are determined by how acidic your soil is (pH levels). As a rule, if pH is lower than 6.0 the hydrangea blooms will be a blue or lavender-blue; if above 7.0 the blooms will range between pinks and reds; lastly, if pH is between 6-7 the blooms will yield purple to bluish-pink. How cool is that?!

If you use a grapevine wreath, you would hot glue the florals onto the wreath. With a wire form, depending on its’ construction, you might want to use a combination of hot glue and wire. The bottom line is if you are creating this spring door wreath from scratch you could use any flower or theme you’d like. It’s my hope that by sharing my easy-peasy DIY hack you will be inspired to create one of your own.

I have always used wreaths on my door, even when I lived in an apartment complex. In fact, I change my wreath out every holiday and then sometimes in between that too. To me, it’s the first message my visitors get and I want my front door and curb appeal to be beautiful. Since being a homeowner, nothing has changed with this process; except now I’ve also got a kitchen door. No one ever uses it but you can be certain I’ve added a wreath there too! I tried to add one to our garage door but it kept getting in the way for my husband, so I had to sadly nix that idea.

One of the advantages of this particular door wreath is that I could use is as my spring door wreath or even my summer wreath. I love its’ versatility! What did you like most about this project? Do you think you’ll create an easy DIY wreath like I did?

If you were inspired to create a similar DIY door wreath don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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