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Creating Canvas Pouches Using Cricut Explore Air 2

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The holidays are just about behind us and we are all getting ready to ring in the New Year. How has another year gone by and so quickly?! As I began to prepare this post I realized the canvas pouch featured was a handmade gift that I created for my daughter last Christmas using my Cricut Explore Air 2. This year, time has been on my side and I’ve been able to create more canvas planner pouches that are now available for purchase in the BTD Shop.

You’ve no doubt noticed it has been unusually quiet over here on Behind the Designs blog for the last two months. That’s because up until Christmas Eve I was running myself ragged getting all the handmade gifts done, as well as, cookie baking. But I’m sure you are all too familiar with the time crunch during the holidays. That aside, in this post I want to share with you the new pouches available, as well as, run through some of the challenges in taking them from start to finish.

Anyone who has worked with any craft machine (unless it’s a glue gun) has experienced a learning curve. It can be both frustrating and rewarding. Although I’ve had my machine for nearly 5 years, I admit I haven’t done a whole lot with it until just last year. Now? Now I can’t stop! I think my most challenging Cricut project were these DIY Angel Christmas Cards I created this year. But, to be honest, these canvas pouches had their own challenges.

Cricut Tip #1

Font size matters. The first thing I learned with cutting a font into vinyl is that size matters. For this teal blue pouch I chose a font that had a lot of fine lines and wisps. This type of font can be very challenging to weed out. The key is to choose the correct material in your setup and on your dial.

Although I had the dial set to “vinyl”, I didn’t realize until about the fourth time that I needed to select a custom “glitter” vinyl in Cricut Design Space. Lesson learned.

Cricut Tip #2

Use Cricut Easy Press. Another tip I can offer is when using a glitter vinyl, it’s best to make sure you are using the Cricut Easy Press. I know you might be thinking you don’t need it and for the most part, you can probably get by. But for glitter vinyl I would recommend using Cricut products. I mean that is exactly why they created them -to work with their own products.

Here is why I say this: I used a traditional iron because I didn’t have an Easy Press yet and I had to keep going over it to get it seal to the canvas. In all I think I used the iron almost eight times before all the letters sealed down. All that said and done, I love how it turned out and the quote on it, “All I need are sticker books and washi”; this is very true to anyone who is a self-professed planner-a-holic (like me!).

Quotable Canvas Pouch Choose To Shine Pencils Pens Planners

With this next canvas pouch the quote I ended up using wasn’t my first choice. It was actually the beautiful silver “shiny” bottom that inspired the quotable message “Choose To Shine”. Instead of using a silver glitter vinyl I chose a multi-colored iron-on vinyl that has a purple base and silver specks throughout. It’s really difficult to capture the vinyl color but it looks amazing in person!

My goal with each pouch I’ve created is to offer an inspiring message that will grab your attention each time you reach for it.

Choose To Shine Silver Canvas Pouch

Don’t you think this silver pouch is perfect to ring in the New Year?! What I love most about these canvas pouches is their versatility. I can use it for pens, pencils, markers, makeup and so much more. If you happen to use a small planner these pouches are also great for carrying your planner in them and keeping them safe from scratches.

Cricut Tip #3

When cutting vinyl words be sure to put your vinyl shiny side down and in the mat screen set the “mirror” option to the ‘on’ position. Quotes and words should be cut in reverse (the iron-on side is facing up). When you place the finished, weeded, project onto the surface it will be adhered to you should be able to read it correctly (left to right) and the iron-on side (which was previously facing up during cutting) is ready for your iron or Easy Press.

Quotable Black Canvas Pouch She Created a Beautiful Life Pencils Pens Planners

This black canvas pouch has my heart. In fact it was designed after Behind the Designs’ slogan Create A Beautiful Life and created with that #girlboss in mind. I chose a beautiful script font for the quote “She Created A Beautiful Life” cut in gold glitter complete with a few scattered gold glitter hearts.

She Created A Beautiful Life Black Canvas Pouch

Surprisingly, this black canvas pouch didn’t give me any problems and went rather smoothly. Which gave me a false sense of security with the next pouch.

Quotable Pouch Art is a Line Around Your Thoughts Pencils Pens Planners

Cricut Tip #4

Use the Weld Feature. When you are cutting more than one image (in a single project) or words paired with an image, be sure to use the “weld” feature on all the layers you want to combine. This allows for a single cut when you are ready to make your project. Simply highlight all the elements you want in a single cut and click the “weld” feature at the bottom of the layers box.

My most favorite canvas pouch is the one above. I just love the quote, “Art is a line around your thoughts.” I almost did this one in red vinyl but so glad I changed my mind and used the rainbow holographic vinyl instead. This was also the most challenging of the three pouches. I used up almost the entire roll of vinyl before I realized I had to select the correct material in Cricut Design Space. Although frustrating it turned out amazing. The perfect gift for artists, crafters and the like.

Art is a line around your thoughts Red Canvas Pouch

I had so much fun creating these canvas pouches and I’m so excited to be offering these limited and exclusive products in the BTD Shop. In fact, I’ve gone a little Cricut crazy this year and there are a lot more products coming to the shop. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when new handmade gifts and products become available.

If you are inspired to create your own canvas pouch using Cricut or purchased one from the BTD Shop don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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