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Create A Holiday Seating Chart Using Stickers Plus Giveaway!

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The holidays are almost here are you prepared and organized for them? Get started by creating this Holiday Seating Chart using Homesteader Happy Planner Stickers! You could also enter to win one of the designs shown in this post!

We used to entertain all the time. I just loved having guests over and seeing how happy they were just socializing. Gatherings are a time when we can strip away all of the stresses we face daily and reconnect with friends and loved ones (or at least that’s the plan, lol!).

That’s why I had so much fun creating this Thanksgiving Day Seating Chart. I love the Happy Planner Homesteader Collection and the stickers were perfect for my idea. But, as is the case, with all my projects, once I got started the ideas kept coming!

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So I ran with all my ideas and now I’m ready to share those with you! Not only is this post a brief tutorial of ideas for each seating chart design, it’s full of tips and it’s also a giveaway post!

To find out how to enter the giveaway just keep reading and you’ll find the details near the end of the post. You might also want to check out my YouTube channel for the video I made when I created the first (original) seating chart, that video provides a little more detail on the design.

The latest on Youtube:

This seating chart (for now) will be in my main classic Happy Planner under the “holidays” tab (be sure to check out my Fall Planner Cover Set Free Printable). Then it will soon be moved over to my Thanksgiving Happy Planner Notebook. But for now let’s get started!

Thanksgiving Day Seating Chart

While we don’t entertain like we used to, I still wanted to start getting organized for the upcoming holidays by creating this holiday seating chart planner page. It’s never too early to start!

Supplies You’ll Need


  • For larger gatherings put your seating chart on the back of the Happy Planner Homesteader filler paper. The grid is perfect for easily creating any size table or place setting.
  • Use the smaller boxes in the sticker book to create children’s tables or a smaller guest table than the main one (as shown in the #01 seating chart design).

01. The Original Seating Chart

If you caught my Youtube video on this project you’ll see I used a circular stamp that I already had in my supplies. But if you don’t have that stamp you could use a 1 inch circle paper punch to designate the “seat”.

For this giveaway I wanted to remake the same seating chart…only better. To choose this one be sure to designate #01 as your choice in your comment.

Please note: The seating chart shown above is the one being used for the giveaway.

02. Long Quote Box Stickers

This sized box works perfectly to mimic a table. It also works with the 1 inch circle paper punch to be able to use the circle as the “seat” and fit up to 10 people at the “table”. Plus, since this box is already decorated it looks like a decorative table runner!

You can also use the classic size decorative box sticker in the same manner to create a “table”. I just love the farmhouse feel each of these designs gives!!

03. Dinner Plate Stickers

This is sort of a no-brainer. The bronze foil-edged plates in this sticker book would work perfectly on the back side of the Homesteader filler paper to mimic a seating or place setting. These plate stickers are pretty large and they did filter into the top left-hand quote. But that was not a problem for me…design challenge accepted (and conquered!)!

There was still room for a table runner design which I used a variety of small autumn-themed stamps I had on hand. The front side of this filler paper can be used for all your notes, ideas and gathering details.

Memory Keeping Tip: Use photos to indicate who sat where. Just use your circle paper punch to cut out a photo from Zink photo paper and the backing is all ready to stick down!

04. Tab-Cut Stickers

This wasn’t an idea I mention in my video but I couldn’t resist. This is not your typical idea but they worked perfectly! It was definitely a unique way to use these tab-cut style stickers.

The name of each person can be put in the white space of the sticker. The best part of using this sticker is they already have a flat edge so it mimics a rectangle farmhouse table; so you don’t even need to draw the outline of the table!

05. Photo Style Stickers

With this style sticker you can use it in a variety of ways. You can use it as a seating chart by writing in the names of your guests within the grid space inside the decorative box. To further document the day you could also write in your family’s name in the wider part of the decorative edge.

Another way would be to leave the wider decorative edge and write in “memories” along with a family photo. See the memory keeping tip below for more details.

A third way to use this sticker would be to cut it down so all sides are the same width and then just use it as a table (such as the ideas shown above).

Memory Keeping Tip: These particular stickers are perfect for capturing memories. Simply cut down a photo from Zink photo paper so it fits inside of the white space. Then you have a wider edge to make any notes or to list who was in the picture.

06. Large Circle Decorative Stickers

On this design you could use the large circle decorative stickers as place settings much like the other ideas; or you could use them to write in different meal prep ideas, family game ideas and so much more…the possibilities are endless!

The smaller box could be used as an “extra table” for guest or a children’s table; the longer sticker could be used to write down any food allergies or even a shopping list.

Bonus Tip: Record Your Memories

Don’t forget to record your holiday memories! The backside of your seating chart is the perfect place to do this. In the same Homesteader sticker book there are boxes with a small washi tape strip at the top. These make the perfect boxes for recording your holiday memories.

There are a multitude of ways to use these washi tape sticker boxes. Included below a few ideas to help you get started.

Ways To Use Washi Tape Sticker

  • Creating specific notes about your holiday gathering
  • Fun meal preparations
  • Groceries needed for the dinner
  • Decorations to buy

This idea is not part of the giveaway. I just wanted to share with you to use on your seating chart or to capture memories.

Memory Keeping Tip: Place your full size Zink printed photo on the backside of the filler paper. Then use the lined boxes with washi tape strip at the top to layer over the photo (example given above). The lined boxed area provides a great place to journal or make notes about the photo.

You now have six new ideas for how to create a seating chart for any holiday gathering using just one sticker book. Be sure to also check out my Fall Decor posts for ideas and inspiration to pair with your seating chart.

Now comes the fun part! How to enter the giveaway to win one of the seating charts I designed and create to fit a Classic Happy Planner.

How To Enter The Giveaway

There are 3 ways to enter to earn points for the layout you’d like.

  1. Be signed up for the BTD newsletter (1 point) *I have to be able to verify your email
  2. Be following my channel on Youtube (1 point)
  3. Comment on this blog post (2 points)
  4. Comment on the Youtube video post (of the original seating chart idea) (2 points)
  • In the comments of this post, tell me what you loved about this post/planner page and what number of the seating chart you love most.
  • In the comments of the Youtube video, tell me what you loved about the original idea and what layout number (from this blog post) you loved most.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure your comment allows me to contact you to let you know if you won or if I have any questions on your submission.

Giveaway will end November 4, 2023 at 12:00 midnight EST any entries after this date will not be entered to win. Winners will be selected randomly for each layout and contacted the next day for mailing address.

If you are inspired to create a Thanksgiving seating chart or holiday seating chart for your family gathering don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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