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Christmas Planner Pages for the Happy Planner

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Every Christmas planner should have these four planner pages in them. Each page will enhance your holiday planning, reduce your stress and keep you organized. The pages I created will be placed inside my Happy Planner Holiday Christmas Planner Setup that I shared with you a few days ago.

The holidays can be downright elf crazy! Am I right?! This year I plan (pun intended) to keep my stress at a minimum and to be organized to get things done on time. By this I mean our Christmas cards! My goal was always Thanksgiving week to get them out and rarely did that happen. But this year I am organized and on target -especially with the help of my new planner pages.

If you plan to create these or similar pages, I would suggest using as many Happy Planner boxes as possible. It makes the process go quite smoothly; and Happy Planner stickers are so on target that there is minimal work you need to do to complete a quick planner page. I’ll go over each page I created in detail and all supplies used will be listed at the end of this post.

Happy Planner Thanksgiving Dinner Plan

The Happy Planner Christmas extension pack does not include a section for Thanksgiving planning. But I think it should. Although sometimes it’s just plain fun to create a Thanksgiving planner page yourself! Which is exactly what I did.

For this page I started with some autumn looking paper from the 2020 Squad Goals Planners Gotta Plan collection and used a mixture of Happy Planner stickers and boxes. Some of the large boxes came from the Happy Year sticker book and the most used stickers came from the fall sticker book (712).

All other stickers came from a variety of the seasonal stickers books. The last step was to hand-letter each of the menu categories and I’m ready to get planning for Thanksgiving!

Happy Planner Christmas Card Ideas

When I created this page my goal was to either use the whole page this year and plan our four designs; or use the page for four years and plan a design each year. How exactly I plan to use it is still up in the air.

This is actually blank Happy Planner filler paper with a rainbow striped edge (where the paper is punched). But rainbow wasn’t going to work for my idea. So, I grabbed my white out roller, covered those stripes up and laid down a Christmas holly themed washi tape. I had to use the white out roller because the washi tape was semi-transparent. Then it was just a matter of re-punching the paper.

For the header, I wanted the font to look like the Christmas cards paper that comes in the pack. So, I just hand-lettered it all in black. Love how it came out! The boxes have an organic border with the rest of the page showcasing both holly and poinsettia stickers -all from the Happy Planner.

Happy Planner Winter Bucket List

I have to admit, this was a planner page I made a few years back and just didn’t use it. It has a winter ice blue theme going on; and while it doesn’t match in anyway with my current Christmas planner setup, I plan to use it this year.

Setting up this page was pretty easy because I started with plain dot grid Happy Planner filler paper. I used some blue snowflake washi along the edge and silver snowflake washi at the top of the page. All of the silver boxes come from my favorite Happy Planner sticker book, colorful boxes. Of course, I just had to add in some squad goals seasonal stickers too.

Happy Planner Wish List

After creating this page I realized I want to create another one for 2022. That way, it is already done and I can simply keep track of my wish list throughout the year, instead of waiting until just before Thanksgiving.

Keeping track of my wish list is going to be so much fun this year! I started with the note paper that came in the Christmas extension pack. Since it had a dark green that was hard to match, I opted to go with black and silver boxes, again, from my favorite sticker book. I added some striped red and white washi at the top of the page along with gold letter stickers.

I kept the colors to a minimum and opted for poinsettia and pine tree branches to decorate the page. This year my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary. This page even has the colors of our wedding: black, red, white, silver. We also had given away a few poinsettia plants to the couple(s) who were married the longest and least amount of time. So there are lots of moments to put in memory keeping this year!

Christmas Planner Pages Supplies

If you are inspired to create extra planner pages for your Christmas planner don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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