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All American Popcorn Pails With Cricut Vinyl

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Celebrate the 4th of July in a burst of red, white and blue! Create these family-friendly All American Popcorn Pails with Cricut Vinyl in a layered design. With just four Cricut vinyl cuts you can be munching on your favorite popcorn or candy in less than an hour!

Once again Target blows it out of the ballpark with these scalloped edge popcorn pails! I saw these in the Target Dollar Spot multiple times before I finally couldn’t resist any longer and picked some up. At just $1 each they were also super budget-friendly!

What made this patriotic project even easier was that the pail was already a blue color with white stars on it. All I needed to do was add in some red and it was ready for the holiday!

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The 4th of July holiday might be over but I still wanted to share these Cricut projects because you might still find them at Target for a bit longer. But don’t wait…run out to Target now to get yours!

These popcorn pails also pair perfectly with this Patriotic Let Freedom Ring T-Shirt and DIY Dollar Spot Patriotic Towels so be sure to check them out as well; especially if you are looking for some red, white and blue Cricut projects!


All American Popcorn Pails

Enjoy some family fun and movie time with these personalized popcorn pails! Get them at Target, add some Cricut vinyl and your project will be done. Plus they make great personalized gift ideas with Cricut.


Prepare Surface

Before starting to add the Cricut Permanent Vinyl I made sure to wash the pails first; then I used my spray bottle with alcohol to clean the surface.

If you are lucky enough to find these popcorn pails at the Target Dollar Spot, please note they are not dishwasher safe or microwave safe. Hand wash only.


Cut Cricut Vinyl

Now it’s time to cut the vinyl. For this project I used Cricut Permanent Vinyl and layered each of the pieces. This is the order of the circles: white, red, white; then on top of that last circle I placed the red letter.

Vinyl Cut Sizes

  • 1st White circle (2″ x 2″)
  • Red circle (1.65″ x 1.65″)
  • 2nd White circle (1.46″ x 1.46″)
  • Letter is Soiree Lettering-Olivia Fancy font (.86″ x 1.01″)

The key to the success of this Cricut project is making sure that each element is burnished on smoothly without any bubbles.


Apply Vinyl

To keep each popcorn pail organized I made sure to first cut out each element, organized them by size; then I grouped them as individual sets. Next I placed each vinyl set in front of a popcorn pail.

The final step was to start applying the Cricut vinyl! For the first 4 popcorn pails I burnished on each element across the lot. For example, I started with the largest white circle and burnished that onto each pail; then I burnished the red one and so on.

I saved the last pail so I could show you how I laid out each element. I put them in exactly the order they were going to be burnished on. This was a layered Cricut project that took just a little bit more time to ensure each circle was placed center to the one prior.

Cricut Tip: To stay organized and complete each project correctly, set up each pail and then work the project like a conveyor belt. So clean all the pails, then cut and organize all the vinyl into piled in front of each pail. Then put on the first white circle on each pail, then the red and so on.

I’m not much of a sports fanatic but I did grow up watching and playing baseball. What I love about these All American Popcorn Pails is that they are perfect for watching baseball games too! The font fits great with a baseball-looking font.

I love when a Cricut project has more than one use, don’t you?! Another idea is to use these popcorn pails as a personalized gift for the sports fan. Simply fill with either popcorn or candy!

Were you inspired to create some Popcorn Pails?

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