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6 Weekly Meal Planner Worksheets + Free Printable

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Coming up with weekly meal plans can be tough. But not anymore! If you struggle to get through meal planning, pull together a grocery list and stay organized -then you’re going to love these free printables! Choose from six different designs and resize to fit any planner!

I don’t know about you, but personally I struggling to come up with weekly meals ideas. I mean I love cooking but sometimes the task just seems daunting. It can feel like every idea you come up with for breakfast, lunch or dinner are the same ones you have made a 1,000 times. Am I right?!

It’s time to step off of the hamster wheel called “what’s for dinner”, get organized, take inventory of what you already have in your pantry and get those meals planned out in advance.

The first place to start is to get your pantry organized. Get rid of what is expired, group products by similarity and if needed, grab some containers to help you clear the clutter. Once you have a handle on what you have already, you can start to build your meals from there. Always use first, what you have on hand and then add to your grocery shopping list what you need to complete the meal(s).

Useful Recipe Planning Tools

So let’s get started and slay that meal planning task by using one of these six meal planning printables below. The best part is they are all FREE! Some even leave open the option to customize the header of the box.

01. Weekly Meal Planner Worksheet Colorful Dots

The colorful dots weekly meal planner gives you room to plan your daily meals for a week at a time. Plus it offers two extra boxes that you can label to fit your needs. You might label to first one “grocery list” and the second box “snacks” or use the label(s) that work best for you and your family meals.

This meal planner worksheet was the featured printable because of its’ colorful and fun vibe! Plus who can resist those washi tape strips, right?!

Looking for a Weekly Meal Planner without color? Check out our minimalistic printable!

02. Weekly Meal Planner Worksheet Illustrated Food

Let this next meal plan printable tempt your tastebuds with a vision of delicious foods. But beware, it may cause you to nosh while taking on the task!

03. Weekly Meal Planner Worksheet Fruits & Vegetables

If you love to feast your eyes on a food color palette this next meal planner printable is for you because it features a sprinkling of both fruits and vegetables. Yet it still offers the functionality of organizing your meal planning task.

04. Weekly Meal Planner Worksheet Pink Cat and Paws

If you loves cats, are a self-described (or often called) “cat-lady” then this printable is right in your wheelhouse. In soft shades of pink and green this design features, well, an adorable cat.

This printable will no doubt make weekly meal planning joyful and fun. (between you and me…I’ve named this cute cat “Lily Belle”!)

05. Weekly Meal Planner Worksheet Pink and Green

This next one is full-on color and fully functional! On the left side you have room to plan for the whole week as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. The right side functions for keeping a shopping list for groceries and snacks.

06. Weekly Meal Planner Worksheet Colorful Boxes

The sixth and last printable to help you get and stay organized with weekly meal planning is another fun worksheet. With colorful boxes for your weekly meals, grocery list and notes, you’re sure to stay on task now!

Now that you have 6 different worksheets to choose from there are no excuses for getting on top of that weekly meal planning task! Now I can’t wait to get started on my weekly meal planning!

Grab my free printable

6 Weekly Meal Planner Bundle

In this bundle you’re going to get not 1 but 6 weekly meal planner sheets! Each one is so colorful and fun that it’s going to make meal planning something you look forward to.

If you are inspired to use one of my printables for your weekly meal planning don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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