10 Creative Ways to Use Micro Happy Notes

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Do you love the adorable size of the Micro Happy Notes by Happy Planner? These little cuties are the perfect keepsake size for planning and memories; plus they are portable. In this post, I share 10 creative ways to use all the Micro Happy Notes!

When the Micro Happy Notes by Happy Planner came out these little cuties were quite the hit in the planner community. With an overall size of just 3.5″ x 4.5″ they are the perfect size to carry around and can be used in a multitude of ways. Almost immediately the planner community began discussing ideas on how to use these adorable Micro Happy Notes and there has been no shortage of ideas since!

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The Micro Happy Notes are still pretty popular today and I wanted to share with you 10 creative ways that I have used them. Just like most of the disc-bound Happy Planner products it is so easy to customize how you use them.

At the end of the post I also share some additional ways in which you can use these Micro Happy Notes and I’m sure there are hundreds of more ideas out there.

Available Micro Happy Notes*

*Please note: These are the Micro Happy Notes available as of the writing of this post. These little beauties sell fast, so if you love one, be sure to snag it while you can!

01. Organize Stamps

The first idea I had was to use one of my Micro Happy Notes for organizing my Planner Society stamps. A number of the kits came with an acrylic stamp which was nestled into its’ own protective package. But after the month had passed I found I would forget about the stamps.

To organize my Planner Society stamps I made a stamp image of each one on a piece of the micro notepaper for reference. I later went back to each stamped paper and wrote in the month and year of the kit that the stamp corresponds to. Now I can easily flip through my Micro Happy Notes (hustle and heart) memo book and see what stamps I have and which one I may want to use.

But don’t feel that you can’t use one of these micro notebooks for other stamps. Any acrylic or rubber stamp that is within its’ paper size can be organized using this method.

02. Catalog Washi Tape

I have so many Happy Planner washi tape rolls (not to mention other brands!) and I wanted to catalog each roll. By doing this it was also much easier to see exactly what I have on hand and then I can easily find it in my washi tape glass jar.

For this idea, I chose to use the Micro Happy Notes by Happy Planner (one of a kind). I felt it was pretty on target with its’ gorgeous rainbow stripes on the cover!

The beauty of these Micro Happy Notes is their expandability simply by changing out the discs. Most of the early micro sizes came with micro discs on them. But no matter what I’m tracking, organizing or using the Micro Happy Notes for I can expand it to fit my needs and all sizes of Happy Planner discs will work on them!

03. Shopping List

As a creative I tend to frequent the same stores in search of craft supplies to complete my project ideas. This handy little notebook now has three tabs, one for each of my favorite local craft stores. Since I do both in-person and online shopping I’ll also be adding tabs for my fav online stores too!

To complement this Micro Happy Notes memo book (do more of what makes you happy), I created a handmade micro folder to hold coupons and/or receipts. For additional storage I also taped onto the inside front cover a micro paper bag that could also hold coupons and/or receipts.

04. Pet Records Tracker

This next idea for using the Micro Happy Notes is near and dear to my heart. As you can see we have a few fur-babies and it can be hard to remember who had what done and when. Even more important, how old are they? When did we adopt our beloved pets? That’s when I came up with the idea to use this Micro Happy Notes memo book (my life) as a pet records tracker.

I had so much fun creating this Micro Happy Notes! My plan is to write a cute blurb about each pets’ most endearing quirk or personality trait, on the back of their tab. In their section I’ll also include a small photo, vet info, in case of emergency, when was their last visit and of course, their favorite food and treats.

On the front cover, inside the gold heart, I placed a set of paws prints which was a sticker that came out of a Happy Planner sticker book. On the inside cover, I placed an embroidered paw print patch using some double sided-tape.

Available Tiny Sticker Pads*

*Please note: These are the Tiny Sticker Pads available as of the writing of this post. These little cuties also sell fast, so if you love one, be sure to snag it while you can!

05. Sticker Book Album

We are all in need of a little sticker organization, am I right?! Well, this idea is perfect for on-the-go stickers when you can’t be near your craft desk. I found a need to get organized my tiny sticker pads from the Happy Planner.

First, I deconstructed the tiny sticker pads. Then I simply used the Happy Planner punch on each sticker sheet and added it to the notebook. I even punched the sticker pad covers to use as tabs so I could easily find the sticker category I was looking for.

Now when I’m headed out the door I can easily toss this little cutie into my purse and plan where ever I’ll be that day. If I’m at work I can pull it out of my purse and keep it on my desk for easy access.

Shown above: Micro Happy Notes memo book (shine bright).

06. Password Keeper

Passwords…they are kind of a pain; but also necessary in this digital age. If you are like me and keep different passcodes for each secure login, then it can be hard to remember what your passcode is when you are away from your work desk.

That’s when I decided to use this Micro Happy Notes memo book (keep it together) to record my most used passwords for easy lookup when I’m not at my computer or tablet. To decorate the first page, I used both the Happy Planner Stickers Colorful Boxes as well as the Alphabet Sticker book to create a simple and easy title page.

An additional tip if you plan to keep this micro in your purse. Most purses come with a loop on the inside for your keys. Use a string or small ball chain to attach the micro to the loop so it does not fall out or get lost as you dig through your purse.

07. Seasonal Skincare Routines

If you don’t already know this, our skin has different needs depending on the season. I’ve always been a big advocate for taking care of your skin especially the delicate skin on our faces. So to keep track of my seasonal skincare routines I’m using the Micro Happy Notes memo book (beautiful life) because our beauty is, well…beautiful!

As we get older, our lives get busier and it can be easy to forgot what cleanser or moisturizer to use when transitioning from season to season. The winter season is especially important to use the right skincare products because we tend to have dryer skin during this time of year.

To stay organized I created four sections in this Micro Happy Notes, one for each season of the year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). Next I used a face outline that I printed from the internet and stuck that down onto scrapbook paper. To “beautify” each tab I added a few Happy Planner Stickers from the Seasonal sticker book.

The last thing I did to make this memo book beautiful was to put a lace-edge punched piece of vellum paper over the top of each seasonal tab (shown in the first box upper left). Now I can easily keep track of what products work best during what season and even what makeup colors I’ve tried and any comments about whether I liked the color(s) or not.

08. Lettered Quotes

Not only do I get to practice lettering but I love quotes and it was the perfect marriage of these two ideas. I’m always collecting quotes in my phone and now I have a way to organize them.

To start lettering your quotes you can use the paper that came in the micro notes; or add in any scrapbook paper or decorative paper that you’d like or that inspires you.

09. Gratitude Journal

This idea was an easy one because the size of the micro happy notes makes it so easy to transport and carry. So you can easily journal gratitude anytime you want.

You can hand write your gratitude notes or use Happy Planner Stickers to accent your page. Sometimes we have “writers block” when it comes to gratitude and having a micro notes to start with isn’t so intimidating anymore.

10. Christmas Keepsake

If you were lucky enough to have snagged the Micro Happy Notes Christmas Planner Keepsakes then you are already ahead of the game to record your holiday memories.

This micro was specifically designed with pre-formatted pages to help you get started with recording all those wonderful Christmas memories. But you can easily add in additional micro paper to truly personalize this keepsake notes.

Additional Tip: Once you fill your Micro Happy Notes Christmas Keepsake add a string to the first disc and hang it on your Christmas tree as an ornament!

Additional Ideas

These Micro Happy Notes are the perfect size for grab-and-go, list making, note taking, journaling and more. You could even use one as a daily planner. I tried it and while it was cute and portable, I just needed a little more room. But, it’s still a great idea!

Listed below are just a few more creative ideas for how to use the Micro Happy Notes from the Happy Planner.

  • Doodle book
  • Little memory planner
  • Travel journal
  • Food journal
  • Photo album
  • Goals planner
  • Business card holder
  • Craft orders tracking
  • Address book
  • Daily reflections

Do you have a unique idea to use these?

Drop a comment below on how you’ve used the Micro Happy Notes by Happy Planner. I’d love to hear your idea(s)!

If you are inspired to start using Micro Happy Notes don’t forget to share by tagging me on Instagram and using #btdinspired, I’d love to see your work (and I just might repost your photo)!

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